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Robocop (1987)
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Robocop (1987) After Omni Consumer Products (OCP) announced that it bought out the Detroit police department, the department decides to go on strike. Alex Murphy, gets transferred from Metro South to the West. He and his partner, Anne Lewis, track down a group of criminals led by Clarence Boddicker. Unfortunately, Murphy was killed by Clarence's gang. Bob Morton, one of OCP's employees, transforms Murphy's corpse into Robocop, to compete with another employee Dick Jones' ED-209. Robocop's tests are successful. Unfortunately, Robocop rediscovers his memories (when he was Alex Murphy), and now knows he has to find and arrest Clarence Boddicker. He realizes that Clarence is working for Bob Morton's competition Dick Jones. Now, Robocop must stop both Clarence and Dick Jones.

Movie Tagline:
Part man. Part machine. All cop. The future of law enforcement.

Title: Robocop
Release Date: July 17, 1987
Runtime: 102 mins
Genre: Action
All Genres: Action, Crime, Drama, Sci-Fi, Thriller
Languages: English
Country: USA
Colors: Color
Sound: Dolby SR, 70 mm 6-Track
IMDB Rating: 7.6
Buried.com Rating: 8.6 - (Rate This Horror Movie at Buried.com)
Category: Horror Movies Starting With R

MPAA Rating: Unrated

Paul Verhoeven

Peter Weller ...Officer Alex J. Murphy / RoboCop
Nancy Allen ...Officer Anne Lewis
Dan O'Herlihy ...The Old Man (as Daniel O'Herlihy)
Ronny Cox ...Richard 'Dick' Jones
Kurtwood Smith ...Clarence J. Boddicker
Miguel Ferrer ...Robert Morton
Robert DoQui ...Sergeant Warren Reed
Ray Wise ...Leon C. Nash
Felton Perry ...Johnson
Paul McCrane ...Emil M. Antonowsky
Jesse D. Goins ...Joe P. Cox (as Jesse Goins)
Del Zamora ...Kaplan
Calvin Jung ...Steve Minh
Rick Lieberman ...Walker
Lee de Broux ...Sal (as Lee DeBroux)
Mark Carlton ...Ron Miller
Edward Edwards ...Manson
Michael Gregory ...Lieutenant Hedgecock
Freddie Hice ...Bobby
Neil Summers ...Dougy
Gene Wolande ...Prisoner
Gregory Poudevigne ...Slimey Lawyer
Charles Carroll ...Bail Bondsman
Kevin Page ...Kinney (as Ken Page)
yolonda Williams ...Ramirez
Tyrees Allen ...Starkweather (as Tyress Allen)
John S. Davies ...Chessman
Laird Stuart ...Cecil the Clerk
Stephen Berrier ...Roosevelt
Sage Parker ...Tyler

» [more cast members]

Jon Davison
Stephen Lim
Edward Neumeier
Arne Schmidt
Phil Tippett

Edward Neumeier
Michael Miner

Basil Poledouris

Robocop Horror Film Trailer 1

More Movie Taglines:
  • Part man. Part machine. All cop. The future of law enforcement.
Movie Quote(s):
  • RoboCop: Come quietly or there will be... trouble. Steve Minh: Oh... [cocks shotgun] Steve Minh: Fuck *you!* [fires]
  • Joe Cox: [to Lewis] You mind if I - zip this up?
  • Dick Jones: [in a private bathroom] Promoted to executive, congratulations. I remember when I was a young executive for this company. I used to call the old man funny names. "Iron Butt." "Boner." Once I even called him..."asshole." But there was always respect. I always knew where the line was drawn. And you just stepped over it, buddy-boy. You've insulted me. And you've insulted this company with that bastard creation of yours. I had a guarantee military sale with ED 209. Renovation program. Spare parts for 25 years. Who cares if it worked or not? Bob Morton: The old man thought it was pretty important, Dick. Dick Jones: You know, he's a sweet old man. And he means well. But he's not gonna live forever. And I'm number two around here. Pretty simple math, huh, Bob? Dick Jones: [about to walk out of the bathroom, then rubs Morton's hair] You just... [grabs Morton's hair] Dick Jones: fucked with the wrong guy. Bob Morton: [takes Jones hand out of his hair] You're out of your fucking mind. Dick Jones: You better pray that that unholy monster of yours doesn't screw up.
  • RoboCop: [after stabbing Clarence] Lewis! Lewis! [looks up] Lewis: Murphy... I'm a mess... RoboCop: They'll fix you. They fix everything.
  • Clarence Boddicker: H-hey, now wait a second. [Robocop takes aim as he advances on Clarence; Clarence chuckles nervously as he realizes that Robocop truly means to kill him] Clarence Boddicker: Now wait a minute... you're taking this kind of personally, aren't you? [fear becomes apparent in his voice as Robocop approaches] Clarence Boddicker: Come on now, man, you're making me nervous. Come on, you can't do this! Don't mess around! Hey! Hey! Hey, man, now don't get cute!
Movie Trivia:
  • The computer that RoboCop looks up criminal records on is actually a Northern Telecom telephone switch.
  • The point-of-view shots from RoboCop include references to MS-DOS.
  • Director Cameo: [Paul Verhoeven] wildly gesticulating guy in the dance club immediately after Leon tries to kick RoboCop in the crotch.
  • The entrance to the OCP building in the movie is actually the front entrance of Dallas City Hall with extensive matte work (by Rocco Gioffre) above to make the building appear to be a giant skyscraper.
  • The song 'Show Me Your Spine' by PTP is playing in the club when RoboCop arrests Leon. This song, which features vocals by Nivek Ogre of Skinny Puppy, was unavailable in any format until October 2004, when it was included on the CD 'Ministry: Side Trax' released by Rykodisc.
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» User Comments at imdb.com
» More information at imdb.com

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