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Son Of Frankenstein (1939)
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Son Of Frankenstein (1939) Wolf Frankenstein, son of Henry Frankenstein, returns with his wife, to his fathers estate to claim his inheritance. When he arrives with his family he recieves a hostile reception from locals. While exploring his fathers laboratory he comes across crooked blacksmith - ygor, who asks him to revive his father's creation - the MONSTER who is lying in a coma. Wolf tries to revive the monster and believes he fails but then some of the locals are found murdered soon after who just happened to be part of the jury that sent ygor to the gallows. The villagers immediately connect the killings to Frankenstein and send the inspector to investigate. He discovers the monster is alive and is being used as tool by ygor. Wolf then in fit of madness shoots ygor. The then enraged monster losing his only friend kidnaps Wolf's son. In the end Wolf tracks the monster to the lab where he swings down on a chain knocking the monster into a sulpher pit and thus his demise.

Movie Tagline:
The black shadows of the past bred this half-man . . . half-demon ! . . . creating a new and terrible juggernaut of destruction !

Title: Son Of Frankenstein
Release Date: January 13, 1939
Runtime: 99 mins
Genre: Sci-Fi
All Genres: Sci-Fi, Horror, Drama
Languages: English
Country: USA
Colors: Black and White
Sound: Mono
IMDB Rating: 7.1
Buried.com Rating: 8.1 - (Rate This Horror Movie at Buried.com)
Category: Horror Movies Starting With S

MPAA Rating: Approved

Rowland V. Lee

Basil Rathbone ...Baron Wolf von Frankenstein
Boris Karloff ...The Monster
Bela Lugosi ...ygor
Lionel Atwill ...Krogh
Josephine Hutchinson ...Elsa von Frankenstein
Donnie Dunagan ...Peter von Frankenstein
Emma Dunn ...Amelia
Edgar Norton ...Benson
Perry Ivins ...Fritz
Lawrence Grant ...Burgomaster
Lionel Belmore ...Lang
Michael Mark ...Ewald Neumuller
Caroline Frances Cooke ...Mrs. Neumuller (as Caroline Cooke)
Gustav von Seyffertitz ...Burgher
Lorimer Johnston ...Burgher (as Lorimer Johnson)
Tom Ricketts ...Burgher
Ed Cassidy ...Burgher (unconfirmed)
Ward Bond ...Gendarme at gate
Betty Chay ...Undetermined Role
Harry Cording ...Bearded gendarme
Dwight Frye ...Villager
Jack Harris ...Undetermined Role
Russ Powell ...Webber (burgher)
Clarence Wilson ...Dr. Berger
Bud Wolfe ...Undetermined Role

Rowland V. Lee

Mary Shelley
Wyllis Cooper

Frank Skinner

Movie Soundtrack(s):
"Sailing, Sailing, Over the Bounding Main"

More Movie Taglines:
  • The black shadows of the past bred this half-man . . . half-demon ! . . . creating a new and terrible juggernaut of destruction !
Movie Quote(s):
  • Inspector Krogh: One doesn't easily forget, Herr Baron, an arm torn out by the roots.
  • Baron Wolf von Frankenstein: It appears that my father thought that he could extract from lightning some super-violet ray of life-giving properties.
  • Baron Wolf von Frankenstein: My son, herein lies my faiths, my beliefs and my unfoldments. A complete diary of my experiments, charts and secret formulas. In short, the sum total of my knowledge, such as it is. Perhaps you will regard my work with ridicule or even with a distaste. If so, destroy these records. But if you like me burn with the irresistable desire to penetrate the unknown, carry on. The path is cruel and torturous, carry on. I put secret after truth, you will be hated, blasphemed and condemned. You have inherited the fortune of the Frankensteins, I trust you will not inherit their fate.
  • Baron Wolf von Frankenstein: I should turn you over to Inspector Krogh! Ygor: No! Krogh no want dead man, Ygor is dead! Baron Wolf von Frankenstein: What are you talking about? Ygor: They hanged me once, Frankenstein... they broke my neck. Baron Wolf von Frankenstein: Hanged you... well, why did they hang you? Ygor: Because I stole bodies... they said...
  • Ygor: After faking a coughing fit and pointing to his broken neck: "I'm sorry. I cough. You see, bone get stuck in throat!"
Movie Trivia:
  • Makeup artist Jack P. Pierce estimated it took four hours to transform Boris Karloff into the monster.
  • Both Claude Rains and Peter Lorre reportedly were considered for the role of Wolf von Frankenstein; Lorre's casting was publicly announced.
  • Boris Karloff became a father for the first time while filming this movie.
  • The name of the town where the action takes place is "Goldstadt" in the first two films in the series, Frankenstein (1931) and Bride of Frankenstein (1935). Here it is called "Frankenstein." In the two subsequent films, the stories would take place in another fictional town, "Vasaria" (or "Visaria").
  • This film marks the final time Boris Karloff would play the "Monster" - at least in a feature film. In August of 1940 he appeared as the Monster in a celebrity baseball game, with Jack P. Pierce in attendance (Pierce was a coach for an amateur baseball team, and played semi-pro when he was younger). In the next Frankenstein film in which Karloff appeared, House of Frankenstein (1944), he played Dr. Gustav Niemann. Originally the Samuel Goldwyn film The Secret Life of Walter Mitty (1947) was to have had a fantasy sequence in which Mitty (Danny Kaye) confronted the Monster, played again by Karloff (who played the villain in "Mitty.") Goldwyn sought and received authorization from Universal to use the image of the Monster, and Pierce re-created the make-up. Stills exist of the film's director, Karloff, Pierce, and Evelyn Karloff, but it has not been verified that scenes were actually filmed. In the Allied Artists film Frankenstein - 1970 (1958) Boris was an elderly Baron Frankenstein - but the twist ending was the revelation that the Baron had recreated the Monster's face in his own image (i.e., the face of Karloff). The last time Karloff donned the Jack Pierce-style monster makeup was in "Lizards Leg and Owlet Wing," a 1962 Halloween special for the TV series "Route 66" (1960). Thus, he played the "Monster" six times in his career (or 6 1/2, if you count "Walter Mitty.").
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