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Street Fighter (1994)
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Street Fighter (1994) The evil warlord General M. Bison and his troops have kidnapped Allied Nations relief workers along with three U.N soldiers that were assigned to protect them. M. Bison demands that the United Nations pay him ransom money in exchange for the hostages, where M. Bison has given the United Nations 3 days and he threatens to kill the hostages if the United Nations fails to pay the ransom. Learning his best friend, Carlos "Charlie" Blanka is one of the hostages, U.N military commanding officer Colonel William F. Guile leads his army of troops against M. Bison. But Guile isn't the only man after M. Bison. Guile sends low-life martial artists Ryu and Ken Masters to infiltrate M. Bilson's one-eyed arms dealer Victor Sagat and his masked Spanish cage fighter Vega and discover the location of M. Bison's jungle fortress. News journalist Chun-Li Zang and her crew, former boxer Balrog and former sumo-wrestler Edmond Honda are out to settle their scores with M. Bison. M. Bison's unwilling chief scientist Dr. Dhalsim is transforming Blanka into a genetic mutated super soldier, in M. Bison's goal for world domination. Joined by martial artists and fighters from around the world, Guile and his troops engage in combat as they set out to defeat the evil warlord and rescue the hostages from his jungle fortress, before the 72 hours up, as Guile and M. Bison faces off in the ultimate showdown.

Movie Tagline:
The ultimate battle.

Title: Street Fighter
Release Date: December 23, 1994
Runtime: 102 mins
Genre: Action
All Genres: Action, Crime, Sci-Fi, Thriller
Languages: English, Japanese
Country: USA, Japan
Colors: Color
Sound: DTS-Stereo, DTS
IMDB Rating: 3.2
Buried.com Rating: 4.2 - (Rate This Horror Movie at Buried.com)
Category: Horror Movies Starting With S

MPAA Rating: PG-13

Steven E. de Souza

Jean Claude Van Damme ...Colonel William F. Guile
Raul Julia ...General M. Bison
Ming Na ...Chun-Li Zang (as Ming-Na Wen)
Damian Chapa ...Ken Masters
Kylie Minogue ...Lieutenant Cammy
Simon Callow ...A.N. Official
Roshan Seth ...Dr. Dhalsim
Wes Studi ...Victor Sagat
Byron Mann ...Ryu Hoshi
Grand L. Bush ...Balrog
Peter Navy Tuiasosopo ...E. Honda (as Peter Tuiasosopo)
Jay Tavare ...Vega
Andrew Bryniarski ...Zangief
Gregg Rainwater ...T. Hawk
Miguel A. Nunez Jr. ...Dee Jay (as Miguel A. Nunez Jr.)
Robert Mammone ...Carlos Blanka
Kenya Sawada ...Captain Sawada
Gerry Day ...Lab Guard
Sander Vanocur ...GNT News Anchor
Adrian Cronauer ...A.N. Forces D.J.
David Green ...MP Guard
Kenzo Tsujimoto ...A.N. Commander
Edward R. Pressman ...Lonely Cook
Ray Swenson ...Bison's Architect
Joe Bugner ...Bison's Torturer
Brian Moll ...Bison's Scientist
Maria Dickson ...Bison's Scientist
Norman Steiner ...Bison's Scientist
Andrew Cottgrove ...Bison Trooper
Seng Kawee ...Waiter

» [more cast members]

Jun Aida
Jeri Barchilon
Sasha Harari
Grant Hill
Kenichi Imai
Hiroshi Nozaki
Edward R. Pressman
Akio Sakai
Kenzo Tsujimoto
Tim Zinnemann

Steven E. de Souza

Graeme Revell

Street Fighter Horror Film Trailer 1
Street Fighter Horror Film Trailer 2

Movie Soundtrack(s):
"Street Fighter"
"Rumba N Da Jungo
Performed by Public Enemy (Chuck D) and introducing The Wreck League
(Five-0, Punk Barbarians, Melquan and the Alias K.B.)
Written by C. Ryder, M. Keyes, R. Harding, J. Michael O'Brian, V. Brownlee, D. Thompson and J. Harrod
Chuck D appears courtesy of Def Jam Records
"Bison Trooper's Marching Song"
"Take Charge"
"Street Soldier"
"Life As..."
"Worth Fighting For"
"Something There"
"Straight To My Feet"

More Movie Taglines:
  • The ultimate battle.
  • Adventure is the name of the game.
  • The ultimate challenge begins this christmas in theaters everywhere.
  • The fight to save the world begins 12-23-94.
  • Get ready for the ultimate street fight!
  • This christmas, shop early. The streets won't be safe.
  • The ultimate battle is about to begin.
  • The problem.
  • The solution.
  • The fight to save the world is on!
Movie Quote(s):
  • Dr. Dhalsim: If good men do nothing, that is evil enough.
  • Bison: You have made me a very happy man. Colonel William F. Guile: And next, I'll make you a dead one.
  • Chun Li: My father saved his village at the cost of his own life. You had him shot as you ran away. A hero at a thousand paces! Bison: I'm sorry... I don't remember any of it. Chun Li: You don't remember? Bison: For you, the day Bison graced your village was the most important day of your life. But for me... it was Tuesday.
  • Chun Li: [to Bison] It was twenty years ago. You hadn't promoted yourself to general yet. You were just a petty drug lord. Huh! You and your gang of murderers gathered your small ounce of courage to raid across the border for food... weapons... [indicates her binds] Chun Li: ... hmph. Slave labor. My father was the village magistrate. A simple man with a simple code: justice. He gathered the few people that he could to stand against you. [laughs] Chun Li: You and your bullies were driven back by farmers with pitchforks! My father saved his village at the cost of his own life. You had him shot as you ran away! A hero... at a thousand paces. Bison: I'm sorry. I don't remember any of it. Chun Li: You don't remember? Bison: For you, the day Bison graced your village was the most important day of your life. But for me, it was Tuesday.
  • Chun Li: [reporting on GNT World News] This is Chung-Li Zang with GNT News. A.N. forces are consolidating their hold on Shadaloo City today after a night of skirmishing that secured this key Southeast Asian port. But these soldiers aren't celebrating just yet. They know that defeating the ragtag city militia is one thing. Defeating the heavily-armed forces of General M. Bison is quite another. The Allied Nations forces know that they are dealing with a power-mad dictator, a dictator whose drug money has equipped his army with high-tech weaponry which some intelligence experts fear is equal to anything in the industrialized world. It's been only twenty-four hours since this dangerous and unpredictable warlord seized sixty-three Allied Nations relief workers from a village north of here. This self-styled general's ransom demands? An astonishing twenty billion dollars! Meanwhile, the location of the sixty-three hostages remains unknown. Of the fifteen Allied Nations troops assigned to guard the missing relief workers, twelve are confirmed dead and three are missing. Their whereabouts? Also unknown.
Movie Trivia:
  • The controls to M. Bison's floating "desk" are identical to the controls of the Street Fighter video game.
  • Vega only has four lines during the entire movie: - Vega is seen shouting, "Go, go!" when he joins Ryu in the A.N. prisoner truck during the prison break sequence. - He then says "I knew we couldn't trust them..." off-camera, the audience does not realize it is him until Bison directly refers to him. - As he is putting on his mask prior to his fight with Ryu he says "Where were we?" to which Ryu returns a punch to him and replies "You were losing." - His final line is "Die!" which he says during his fight with Ryu.
  • The film includes characters from the video games up to and including Super Street Fighter II: The New Challengers (1993) (VG). Most notably absent is Fei Long, the video-game version of Bruce Lee. Rumor has it that the character of Captain Sawada was supposed to be Fei Long, but was changed and renamed because the producers felt that the video game character was "too generic."
  • The final scene of all the characters is a real-life recreation of an animation from the video game, where all the characters are on screen at the same time, and do their "win" animation.
  • The final amphibious attack on M. Bison's compound, filmed on location in Thailand, was originally supposed to be an air assault. The Thai government wouldn't allow the use of its airspace for the large number of aircraft the scene would require, so the producers changed the final battle to a boat assault instead.
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» More information at imdb.com

Hostage, Warlord, General, Chun Li, Dictator  ...[more]

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