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Suspect Zero (2004)
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Suspect Zero (2004) Coming from Dallas after a suspension and a breakdown, FBI agent Thomas Mackelway arrives in Dallas when a salesman is killed in a hideous crime. Mackelway is in charge of the investigation and the chief of the agency calls for backup, arriving agent Fran Kulok, who had a past with Mackelway. The leads guide them to Benjamin O'Ryan, a man that claims to be a former FBI agent, and considered a random killing machine. Mackelway becomes obsessed trying to find the truth.

Movie Tagline:
Your number is up

Title: Suspect Zero
Release Date: August 27, 2004
Runtime: 99 mins
Genre: Crime
All Genres: Crime, Horror, Sci-Fi, Thriller
Languages: English
Country: USA
Colors: Color
Sound: DTS, Dolby Digital
IMDB Rating: 5.8
Buried.com Rating: 6.8 - (Rate This Horror Movie at Buried.com)
Category: Horror Movies Starting With S

MPAA Rating: R

MPAA Rating Reason:
Rated R for violent content, language and some nudity.

E. Elias Merhige

Aaron Eckhart ...Thomas Mackelway
Ben Kingsley ...Benjamin O'Ryan
Carrie Anne Moss ...Fran Kulok
Harry Lennix ...Rich Charleton
Kevin Chamberlin ...Harold Speck
Julian Reyes ...Highway Patrolman
Keith Campbell ...Raymond Starkey
Chloe Russell ...Loretta
Ellen Blake ...Dolly
William B. Johnson ...Mel
Jerry Gardner ...Sheriff Harry Dylan
Daniel Patrick Moriarty ...Bud Granger
Curtis Plagge ...Jumbo
Nicole DeHuff ...Katie Potter
William Mapother ...Bill Grieves
Donn Owens ...FBI Agent
Brady Coleman ...Dyson
Frank Collison ...Piper
Catherine Haun ...Joan Speck
Lea Franklin ...Mother
Angelina Torres ...Neighbor Lady (as Angelina C. Torres)
David Ode ...Bartender
David House ...Truth or Consequences Cop
Miguel Zapata ...Charlie
Jane E. Goold ...Kathleen (as Jane Goold)
Boots Southerland ...Vic (as Boots Sutherland)
Benjamin Petry ...Little Boy
Jenny Cleveland ...Little Boy's Mother
Buddy Joe Hooker ...Suspect Zero
Kent Kirkpatrick ...Cora

» [more cast members]

Lester Berman
Moritz Borman
Guy East
Gaye Hirsch
Gary Lucchesi
E. Elias Merhige
Darren Miller
Tom Rosenberg
Jonathan Sanger
Nigel Sinclair
Paula Wagner
Tom Cruise

Zak Penn
Zak Penn
Billy Ray

Clint Mansell

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Movie Soundtrack(s):
"What a Dream It's Been"
"The Night Is for Dreamers"
"Nocturne Opus 55, No. 1, F Minor"
"Flirtin' with Disaster"
"The Beginner"
"I Come to the Garden Alone"

More Movie Taglines:
  • Your number is up
  • Who's next?
Movie Quote(s):
  • [O'Ryan has sit across from Speck without him noticing] Benjamin O'Ryan: What's in the case? Harold Speck: [looks up; startled] I'm sorry? Benjamin O'Ryan: You're always lugging that case around. I'm curious, what do you sell? Harold Speck: Restaurant supplies. I'm sorry, I didn't get your name. Benjamin O'Ryan: You must travel a lot, huh? Whole country or just hereabouts? Harold Speck: I don't mean to be rude, but... Benjamin O'Ryan: How's your wife feel about it? Harold Speck: *What*? Benjamin O'Ryan: She must get lonely, you gone all the time. Does she? Harold Speck: Look, I don't know who you are, but you can't just sit down and... [O'Ryan holds a drawing up on the table for Speck to see] Benjamin O'Ryan: Did it myself. Kind of a hobby. Take a look at these pictures, Harold, and you tell me if you see anything you want. I've got lots more. Would you like to see them? [He holds up another] Benjamin O'Ryan: Tell me, those jokes about the traveling salesman and the farmer's daughter, are they true? [He holds up another; Speck goes white] Benjamin O'Ryan: Here, this one's my *favorite*. Really says it all... wouldn't you agree? Harold Speck: You're *sick*. [Speck gets up from the table and leaves] Benjamin O'Ryan: It's a matter of opinion.
  • Piper: Ever see a 50 foot shark? Thomas Mackelway: I'm sorry? Piper: A 50 foot shark. You ever seen one? Thomas Mackelway: No. Piper: Doesn't mean there aren't any.
  • Thomas Mackelway: Where's the boy? Benjamin O'Ryan: The boy is in pieces under the bed.
  • Benjamin O'Ryan: I know what you're thinking. "Pain is coming. Will I take it like a man?" Well, let me put you at ease. You won't. None of them do. Men, women, children, they all weep, they all beg, they piss themselves, they attempt negotiation. You wouldn't believe how many men I've seen lying right where you're lying right now, grown men with wives amd children at home, offering all kinds of sexual gratification for a five-minute reprieve. It's pathetic!
Movie Trivia:
  • The original 1995 draft by Zak Penn circulated around Hollywood for seven years before finally being made. After several drafts were rejected, the original draft, with several revisions by Billy Ray, was used for shooting.
  • $7.5 million of the budget came from the state of New Mexico through an interest-free loan. In return, the state will get 2.5% of the box office, until it makes $90 million or over, at which point they will get 3% of the gross.
  • Sylvester Stallone, Tom Cruise and Ben Affleck were all said to have expressed interest in appearing in the project in the late 1990s. Cruise eventually took up a position as producer on the project instead, but he asked to have his name removed from the credits just prior to release.
  • Richard Friedenberg, Ben Affleck, and Paul Schrader all worked on rewriting the script before Billy Ray.
  • The movie was funded in conjunction with New Mexico's Film Investment Program.
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» More information at imdb.com

FBI, FBI Agent, Serial Killer, Salesman, Murder  ...[more]

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