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The Devil Rides Out (1968)
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The Devil Rides Out (1968) The Duc de Richeleau and his friend Rex discover their young charge Simon has fallen in with the powers of Darkness and is about to be baptized into the service of evil. The Duc is fortunately versed in such matters and finds himself locked in a duel with the deadly Mocata, disciple of the left-hand path.

Movie Tagline:
The beauty of woman . . . the demon of darkness . . . the unholy union of "The Devil's Bride"

Also Known As:
The Devil's Bride

Title: Devil Rides Out, The
Release Date: December 18, 1968
Runtime: 96 mins
Genre: Horror
All Genres: Horror
Languages: English
Country: UK
Colors: Color
Sound: Mono
IMDB Rating: 7.2
Buried.com Rating: 8.2 - (Rate This Horror Movie at Buried.com)
Category: Horror Movies Starting With D

MPAA Rating: G

Terence Fisher

Christopher Lee ...Duc de Richleau
Charles Gray ...Mocata
Nike Arrighi ...Tanith Carlisle (as Nike Arrighi)
Leon Greene ...Rex Van Ryn
Patrick Mower ...Simon Aron
Gwen Ffrangcon Davies ...Countess
Sarah Lawson ...Marie Eaton
Paul Eddington ...Richard Eaton
Rosalyn Landor ...Peggy Eaton
Russell Waters ...Malin
yemi Ajibade ...African
Patrick Allen ...Rex (voice)
Liane Aukin ...Satanist
John Bown ...Receptionist
John Brown ...
John Falconer ...Satanist
Anne Godley ...Satanist
Richard Huggett ...
Ahmed Khalil ...Indian
Willie Payne ...Servant
Eddie Powell ...The Goat of Mendes
Keith Pyott ...Max
Richard Scott ...Satanist
Mohan Singh ...Mocata's servant
Zoe Starr ...Indian girl
Peter Swanwick ...Satanist
Bert Vivian ...Satanist

Anthony Nelson Keys

Richard Matheson
Dennis Wheatley

James Bernard

The Devil Rides Out Horror Film Trailer 1

More Movie Taglines:
  • The beauty of woman . . . the demon of darkness . . . the unholy union of "The Devil's Bride"
Movie Quote(s):
  • Duc de Richleau: [fearfully] Do you realise what today's date is Rex? Rex Van Ryn: April the, er, 29th, why? Duc de Richleau: Mocata isn't going to miss the chance of giving Simon his Devil's baptism at the Grand Sabbat of the year! Rex Van Ryn: [puzzled] What are you talking about? Duc de Richleau: Tomorrow night! It's the eve of May Day. Within 24 hours, Simon could be lost to us forever. Rex Van Ryn: What can we do? Duc de Richleau: [referring to Tanith] We find the girl!
  • Marie Eaton: [to her servant about Mocata] Show him out! Mocata: I'm leaving. [walks towards door and stands behind Marie] Mocata: *I* shall not be back... but something will. [pauses menacingly] Mocata: Tonight! Something will come for Simon and the girl! [leaves]
  • Rex Van Ryn: [sadly walks in carrying the body of Tanith] She's dead! Duc de Richleau: [apologetically] I know Rex. The Angel of Death was summoned. He cannot return empty-handed.
  • Marie Eaton: [watching Mocata prepare to sacrifice her daughter, Peggy] Those words you said before, say them again. Duc de Richleau: [helplessly] I cannot! Marie Eaton: [urgently] You must! My baby is going to die if you don't. You must speak those words again. Mocata: [carrying on with the ritual] The bride of chaos. [coven repeats] Mocata: The rider upon the beast. [coven repeats] Mocata: With this knife, do I draw out the blood, which is thy life. Marie Eaton: [possessed by the spirit of Tanith] Only they who love without desire, shall have power granted them in their darkest hour! Marie Eaton: [moves to the altar with Peggy lying on it] Peggy, get up. Repeat after me, the words of the Susama Ritual. Oriel Seraphim. Peggy Eaton: Oriel Seraphim Marie Eaton: Eo Potesta Peggy Eaton: Eo Potesta Marie Eaton: Zati, Zata Peggy Eaton: Zati, Zata Marie Eaton: Galatim, Galatah Peggy Eaton: Galatim, Galatah! [lightning strikes the altar and it explodes]
  • Duc de Richleau: [watching as Rex and Tanith, now restored to life, walks toward the house] Come in my friends. Marie Eaton: [rushes into the room with husband Richard carrying Peggy] She's alright! [Sees Tanith standing there] Marie Eaton: Tanith! Duc de Richleau: Time itself has been reversed for us. Tanith's death; Peggy's abduction; the ride to Chilbury; the ritual in the cellar... all these things happened. But now, they have not happened. We're back. We are all safe again. Simon Aron: And is Mocata also safe? Duc de Richleau: You will also remember, Simon, what I said to you about the Angel of Death once being summoned... Simon Aron: ...cannot return empty handed! Duc de Richleau: Exactly. Tanith has been restored to us. But the age old law demands a life for a life, a soul for a soul. And there is only one man in all this world who could replace her life, her soul. The man who invoked the Angel of Death. Mocata *is* dead. Simon Aron: Thank God! Duc de Richleau: Yes Simon. He is the one we must thank. [fades]
Movie Trivia:
  • Leon Greene's voice was dubbed through out the film by, Patrick Allen
  • The movie's US title was changed to "The Devil's Bride" because its original title made it sound much too much like a Western.
  • Done at Christopher Lee's insistence that Hammer do a film based on a Wheatley fantasy novel.
  • Christopher Lee has called it his favorite Hammer film.
  • Hammer first wanted actor Gert Fröbe in the role of Mocata.
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