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The Nutty Professor (1963)
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The Nutty Professor (1963) Julius Kelp is an ugly chemistry teacher with no personal life. One day he creates something incredible! An elixir that transforms him into a totally different man, Buddy Love. He is very successful with women, and one of his students (Stella Purdy) falls in love with him. Of course nobody knows that this charming, cool guy is in fact Julius Kelp. Everyone is very excited with Buddy, but there is a problem. The elixir's effect doesn't last very long...

Movie Tagline:
What does he become? What kind of monster?

Title: Nutty Professor, The
Release Date: June 04, 1963
Runtime: 107 mins
Genre: Comedy
All Genres: Comedy, Sci-Fi
Languages: English
Country: USA
Colors: Color
Sound: Mono
IMDB Rating: 6.7
Buried.com Rating: 7.7 - (Rate This Horror Movie at Buried.com)
Category: Horror Movies Starting With N

MPAA Rating: Unrated

Jerry Lewis

Jerry Lewis ...Professor Julius Kelp / Buddy Love / Baby Kelp
Stella Stevens ...Stella Purdy
Del Moore ...Dr. Hamius R. Warfield
Kathleen Freeman ...Millie Lemmon
Med Flory ...Football Player
Norman Alden ...Football Player
Howard Morris ...Mr. Elmer Kelp
Elvia Allman ...Edwina Kelp
Milton Frome ...Dr. M. Sheppard Leevee
Buddy Lester ...Bartender
Marvin Kaplan ...English student
David Landfield ...College Student
Skip Ward ...Football Player
Julie Parrish ...College Student
Henry Gibson ...Gibson, College Student
Les Brown ...Himself
Mushy Callahan ...Cab Driver (scenes deleted)
Murray Alper ...Gym Attendant
Les Brown Jr. ...Student at Senior Prom
Joseph Forte ...College Faculty Member
Art Gilmore ...Narrator (voice)
Gavin Gordon ...Clothing Salesman
Terry Higgins ...Purple Pit Cigarette Girl
Stuart Holmes ...Faculty Member at Senior Prom
Richard Kiel ...Bodybuilder at Gym
Les Brown and His Band of Renown ...Themselves
Gary Lewis ...Boy
Forbes Murray ...Faculty Member at Senior Prom
Emil Richards ...Musician - Percussionist
Michael Ross ...Weight Lifter at Gym

» [more cast members]

Ernest D. Glucksman
Arthur P. Schmidt

Jerry Lewis
Bill Richmond

Walter Scharf

Movie Soundtrack(s):
"That Old Black Magic"
"Stella by Starlight"
"We've Got a World That Swings"
"I'm in the Mood for Love"
"Leap Frog"
"The Marine Hymn"

More Movie Taglines:
  • What does he become? What kind of monster?
  • Well, any scientist who makes a girl like this can't be all mad.
  • Please do not reveal the middle of this picture! Jerry's a mousey chemistry prof who invents the greatest drink since Dracula discovered bloody marys.
Movie Quote(s):
  • Professor Julius Kelp: Well, just don't do something, sit there!
  • Buddy Love: Hiya, chicky baby. How's it going? Stella Purdy: Fine. Buddy Love: Crazy. I thought I'd visit your little land of learning. Cute. Cute pad. Stella Purdy: What happened to you last night? What'd you run away like that for? I thought you saw a ghost or something. Buddy Love: Oh yeah. How 'bout that? Well, that's why I stopped by. I thought I'd lay it on ya, but this ain't the place to talk. What do you say we meet later at the Purple Pit? We can talk better there. Stella Purdy: Well, I dunno. You're pretty weird, you know, and I don't want... Buddy Love: Chi-chi. Ten o' clock? Stella Purdy: Perfect. Buddy Love: Figures.
  • Buddy Love: I know what you're thinking: Where's he been all my life? Right? Stella Purdy: No, not exactly. Buddy Love: And that you're happy with the way I handled those three goons, right? Well, normally I would've belted them, but I didn't want to muss myself all up and have you dance with a sloppy guy. Dig? Stella Purdy: Well then, you restrained yourself just for little old me. Buddy Love: I knew you'd appreciate it. I do a lot of nice things. Stella Purdy: Well, is that really the case or is this line 27-a for young college girls? Buddy Love: Aww, now you see? You went and done it. For one of the rare times in my life when I dig down into the soul, and you doubt my veracity. Well, that hurts. Stella Purdy: Well, it's not your veracity that I doubt. [pause] Stella Purdy: The music stopped. Buddy Love: Yeah, I heard.
  • Buddy Love: They're nice kids. All nice. All nice kids. They have very, very good taste, I might add. Stella Purdy: I'm glad. It would be a shame to waste the genius of yours on the riff-raff. Buddy Love: Well, honey, I always say, if you're good and you know it, why waste time beating around the bush, true? Stella Purdy: And I always say that to love yourself is the beginning of a life-long romance. And after watching you, I know that you and you will be very happy together. Buddy Love: Just a minute, sweetheart. I don't recall dismissing you. Stella Purdy: You rude, discourteous egomaniac! Buddy Love: You're crazy about me, right? And I can understand it. Only this morning, looking in the mirror before shaving, I enjoyed seeing what I saw so much I couldn't tear myself away. [kisses his hand] Buddy Love: Have some, baby?
  • Purple Pit Bartender: What'll it be? Buddy Love: Aww... That's no way to talk. Tsk, tsk, tsk. "What'll it be?" That's no way to treat a customer. C'mere. Try it like this. Pay attention. You'll feel better and the customers'll be happier. Try this: "What'll it be? Hmmm?" Try that. Come on. We haven't got all night. Try it. Purple Pit Bartender: What'll it be? Hmmm? Buddy Love: Good! That was wonderful. Did anyone ever tell you you couldn't sing?
Movie Trivia:
  • According to one of the trailers for this film, "We don't care if you blab about the beginning of this picture; nor do we care if you give away the ending; but we do care if you reveal the middle. In fact, Jerry Lewis urges you to see this picture from the beginning, on penalty of losing your popcorn privileges." This spoofs Alfred Hitchcock's dictum that Psycho (1960) had to be seen from the beginning and his insistence that no latecomers be seated ("not even the [theatre] manager's brother").
  • Stella Stevens' character's name was first Stella Paine, but Stevens asked Jerry Lewis to change it to Stella Purdy.
  • Jerry Lewis wrote seven scripts for the film by himself and two with Bill Richmond.
  • Film debut of Henry Gibson.
  • Film debut of Celeste Yarnall.
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