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The Saint (1997)
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The Saint (1997) Ivan Tretiak, Russian Mafia boss who wants to create an oil crisis in Moscow and seize power as a result sends Simon Templar, great international criminal, to England to get a secret formula for cold fusion from U.S. scientist Emma Russell. That formula will give Tretiak a source of cheap energy and a lot of money as result. Templar falls in love with Emma and they try to outwit Tretiak and his guerrillas, hiding from them in Moscow.

Movie Tagline:
Cunning. Devious. Dangerous. Treacherous.

Title: Saint, The
Release Date: April 03, 1997
Runtime: 116 mins
Genre: Action
All Genres: Action, Romance, Sci-Fi, Thriller
Languages: English, Russian
Country: USA
Colors: Color
Sound: Dolby Digital, DTS
IMDB Rating: 5.9
Buried.com Rating: 6.9 - (Rate This Horror Movie at Buried.com)
Category: Horror Movies Starting With S

MPAA Rating: PG-13

MPAA Rating Reason:
Rated PG-13 for action violence, brief strong language, some sensuality and drug content.

Phillip Noyce

Val Kilmer ...Simon Templar
Elisabeth Shue ...Dr. Emma Russell
Rade Serbedzija ...Ivan Tretiak
Valeri Nikolayev ...Ilya Tretiak (as Valery Nikolaev)
Henry Goodman ...Dr. Lev Botvin
Alun Armstrong ...Inspector Teal
Michael Byrne ...Vereshagin, Tretiak's Aide
yevgeni Lazarev ...President Karpov (as Evgeny Lazarev)
Irina Apeksimova ...Frankie (as Irina Apeximova)
Lev Prygunov ...General Sklarov (as Lev Prigunov)
Charlotte Cornwell ...Inspector Rabineau
Emily Mortimer ...Woman on Plane
Lucija Serbedzija ...Russian Prostitute
Velibor Topic ...Skinhead
Tommy Flanagan ...Scarface
yegor Pozenko ...Scratchface
Adam Smith ...young Simon Templar
Pat Laffan ...Catholic Priest
Verity Dearsley ...Agnes
Michael Marquez ...Boy in Orphanage
Lorelei King ...TV Reporter
Alla A. Kazanskaya ...Old Russian Lady
Ronnie Letham ...Old Russian Man
Tusse Silberg ...Prostitute's Mother
Peter Guinness ...Frankie's Curator
Stefan Gryff ...President's Aide
Malcolm Tierney ...Russian Doctor
Stephen Tiller ...Russian Policeman
Christopher Rozycki ...Russian Chief of Police
Etela Pardo ...President Karpov's Wife

» [more cast members]

Robert S. Baker
David Brown
Robert Evans
Paul Hitchcock
Lis Kern
William J. MacDonald
Mace Neufeld

Leslie Charteris
Jonathan Hensleigh
Jonathan Hensleigh
Wesley Strick

Graeme Revell

Movie Soundtrack(s):
"Dead Man Walking"
"A Dream Within A Dream"
"Da Funk"
"In The Absence Of Sun"
"Polaroid Millenium"
"6 Underground (Nellee Hooper Edit)"
"Roses Fade (Mojo Mix)"
"You're All I've Got Tonight"
"Oil 1"

More Movie Taglines:
  • Cunning. Devious. Dangerous. Treacherous.
  • Never reveal your name. Never turn your back. Never surrender your heart.
  • Who is The Saint
  • A man without a name, can never be identified. A man who doesn't exist, can never be caught. A man who doesn't love, can never truly be alive
Movie Quote(s):
  • [Simon prepares to pick the lock on the door of a Russian government building, only to find it unlocked] Simon: I love this country.
  • Simon Templar: Do you know what the worst part about being you is? Ivan Tretiak: What. Simon Templar: Pretending to be so bad in bed. Ivan Tretiak: You son of the bitch!
  • Ivan Tretiak: What? Simon Templar: What? Simon Templar: Don't look down. You know who I am? Ivan Tretiak: No. Simon Templar: I'm the thief you tried to cheat. [Takes a phone] Simon Templar: And this is your accountant. [Gives phone to Tretiak] Simon Templar: Talk to him. Ivan Tretiak: [Taking phone backwards] Simon Templar: The phone goes the other way, you moron. Ivan Tretiak: [Turns phone] Hello, Tretiak speaking. That money to Zurich, send it now. I said now.Yeah. [Returns phone to Simon] Simon Templar: Thank you. You know what the hardest part about being you is? Pretending to be so bad in bed. [Walks away] Ivan Tretiak: You son of the bitch.
  • Ilya Tretiak: Yes? Dr. Lev Botvin: I have run every test on this cold fusion formula and most conclude that it is not merely incomplete, but rather impossible. You may as well try to create perpetual motion Mr.Tretiak. Ilya Tretiak: I invest millions, and you can't make it work! What are you doing with my money? Do you think... it comes so easy? No! Dr. Lev Botvin: But sir, I have been working for nearly two weeks without sleep. At first blush, the theorem appears quite impressive, convincing. Ilya Tretiak: It does? Yes... It does. Good man, we can use it to destroy our enemies. Only Dr.Russell can spoil my plan
  • Simon Templar: If you think that by giving cold fusion to the world and giving up unimaginable wealth you'll make us happy, you're right.
Movie Trivia:
  • When Simon Templar is disguised as a long-haired artist, his accent is a passable imitation South African, specifically Capetonian. He refers to his "home in Africa" and uses the vernacular Afrikaans pronunciation of Jesus ("Yissus!") as an expletive. It is interesting to note that in the short story "The Man Who Was Clever", someone does describe the Saint as South African; however, since the Saint has resorted to deception in the past to achieve his goals, the reliability of this information remains questionable.
  • Mel Gibson and Ralph Fiennes were both considered for the role of Simon Templar.
  • At the end when Simon Templar is driving and listening to the radio news announcer state that $3 billion was donated to the American Red Cross and other charities, the reflection of sunlight in the windshield creates a halo around Simon's head.
  • In the original version of the film, Dr. Russell collapses while giving a lecture and dies in The Saint's arms. The Saint sees Tretiak, Jr. stabbing her in the leg with the tip of his cane. Thus the final half-hour has him set to destroy the villains' plans and avenge her death. With Dr. Botvin's help, he switches the formulas around and humiliates Tretiak during his show trial of the Russian president. The Saint battles Dr. Russell's killer on a stairwell as Russian tanks pound outside, exposing and setting fire to the vast stockpile of heating oil in the basement. With the stairwell disintegrating around them, the fight spills out on to the chandelier, suspended above the blazing oil. The Saint teases Treatiak, Jr. with the disc containing the formula for cold fusion. As he reaches out for it, The Saint cuts the rope and Tretiak, Jr. plummets to a fiery death. Returning to Dr. Russell's home, the Saint finds a letter from her, a tear fills his eye and he vows from now on to use his skills only for good. Test audiences didn't like the way Dr. Russell died three-quarters of the way into the film. Footage from the original ending features prominently in the film's primary trailer. Director Phillip Noyce hopes one day to be able to restore the original version for a Director's Cut DVD.
  • The voice of the radio announcer at the end of the film is Roger Moore, who played the Saint on British television in the 1960s before going on to greater fame as James Bond in the 1970s.
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» User Comments at imdb.com
» More information at imdb.com

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