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The Salena Incident (2005)
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The Salena Incident (2005) When a group of prisoners take their guards hostage during a routine transport, what starts as a daring, well-executed escape turns into something more menacing. As the group enters the quiet town of Salena, the prisoners and guards are forced to either work together to survive or die from an even bigger terror than they can imagine.

Movie Tagline:
There's a new terror in town...

Also Known As:
Alien Invasion Arizona
Terror Town

Title: Salena Incident, The
Release Date: , 2005
Runtime: 87 mins
Genre: Horror
All Genres: Horror, Sci-Fi, Action, Thriller
Languages: English
Country: USA
Colors: Color
IMDB Rating: 2.6
Buried.com Rating: 3.6 - (Rate This Horror Movie at Buried.com)
Category: Horror Movies Starting With S

MPAA Rating: R

MPAA Rating Reason:
Rated R for violence and language

Dustin Rikert

Dan Southworth ...Captain John Bradley (as Daniel Southworth)
Avery Clyde ...Dr. Taylor Kacey
Sam McConkey ...Kevin Porter
James Luca McBride ...Brando Enzio (as James Luca)
Larry 'Tank' Jones ...Colburn Waylon (as Tank)
Paulino Hemmer ...Alano Martinez
Joseph Eddy ...Albany Gavin (as Joseph Moore)
Robert Harter ...Mark Colby
Philip Tiboni ...Larry Kendall (as Daryl Riddle)
Shannon Alexander ...Adreana Cammeo
Cathy Rankin ...Gia Dante
Richard Peine ...Sergeant Jenkins
Brendan Guy Murphy ...Vincent Enzio (as Brendan Murphy)
Soon Hee Newbold ...Cindi Lee / Alien Computer / Salt Alien
Robert Lennon ...Rock Sanders
Patrick Logan Pace ...Kyle Matthewson
Byron Browne ...Corp. Tom Chase
Bruce Nelson ...United States Marines Special Forces
Wade Rikert ...Eddie Thompson

Soon Hee Newbold
Erin Michael Rettig
Dustin Rikert
Philip Tiboni
Robert yap

Soon Hee Newbold
Dustin Rikert

Carl Rydlund

More Movie Taglines:
  • There's a new terror in town...
Movie Quote(s):
  • Mark Colby: Bunch of freaks. They ain't worth the powder to blow 'em to hell. Larry Kendall: Hell, son, they ain't worth the air they're breathing. Waste of taxpayer dollars just keeping them around so long. Kevin Porter: That doesn't give you the right. Mark Colby: The right? They're insane criminals. They lost their right.
  • Kevin Porter: Are you crazy? How can we trust him? Dr. Taylor Kacey: Kevin. Kevin Porter: How do we know he's not one of those things? We haven't seen a single living person, and then he shows up like the All-American hero. He lost a whole team. Dr. Taylor Kacey: Kevin! Captain John Bradley: Don't... push me. You want to stay here and die, suit yourself.
  • Colburn Waylon: [sees an empty bird cage] You see a canary in there? I don't see a canary in here. Kevin Porter: So what? Colburn Waylon: My Uncle used to work in mines and cave and shafts and shit, and he said, if you don't see no bird in the cage, get your ass out of the shaft.
  • Colburn Waylon: What the hell are those things, man? Captain John Bradley: I don't know. These weren't here before. They look like... eggs or something. Kevin Porter: So you're saying they did this in a matter of days? Colburn Waylon: Hours. Albany Gavin: That's a whole lot more than 15. Dr. Taylor Kacey: "Salena" is Latin for "salt." This must've been a salt mine before copper. Colburn Waylon: Man, if these things hatch, they'll wipe out all of Arizona. Captain John Bradley: You can forget Arizona.
  • Alien Computer: Please, state your name and request. Captain John Bradley: Captain John Bradley. What the hell is going around here? Alien Computer: Captain John Bradley, United States Marines, Special Forces, welcome. You are currently in a class five starship used for incarceration transfer of the following: Sycophant Leech. Homeworld: Kellan planet. Kevin Porter: It's a prison transport. Alien Computer: Characteristics: cannibalistic, parasitic. Dr. Taylor Kacey: Friends of yours? Alien Computer: Crimes: Took over life-forms and governemtns on five worlds. Barbarous Deinos. Warning: Most dangerous in the galaxy. Proceed with caution. Home world: Chandi planet. Characteristics: nearly invincible, pretermined to kill anything living. Crimes: Wiped out all life in 10 worlds. Albany Gavin: That is fucked up.
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Alien, Scientist, Alien Possession, Invasion Of Earth, Prison Break  ...[more]

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