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The Watcher In The Woods (1980)
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The Watcher In The Woods (1980) When a normal American family moves into a beautiful old English house in a wooded area, strange, paranormal appearances befall them in this interesting twist to the well-known haunted-house tale. Their daughter Jan sees, and daughter Ellie hears, the voice of a young teenage girl who mysteriously disappeared during a total solar eclipse decades before...

Movie Tagline:
Scared of going into the woods? You should be ...

Title: Watcher In The Woods, The
Release Date: April 17, 1980
Runtime: 84 mins
Genre: Family
All Genres: Family, Horror, Mystery, Thriller
Languages: English
Country: USA, UK
Colors: Color
Sound: Dolby
IMDB Rating: 6.0
Buried.com Rating: 7 - (Rate This Horror Movie at Buried.com)
Category: Horror Movies Starting With W

MPAA Rating: PG

John Hough
Vincent McEveety

Bette Davis ...Mrs. Aylwood
Lynn Holly Johnson ...Jan Curtis
Kyle Richards ...Ellie Curtis
Carroll Baker ...Helen Curtis
David McCallum ...Paul Curtis
Benedict Taylor ...Mike Fleming
Frances Cuka ...Mary Fleming
Richard Pasco ...Tom Colley
Ian Bannen ...John Keller
Katharine Levy ...Karen Aylwood (uncredited in the shortened 1981...
Eleanor Summerfield ...Mrs. Thayer
Georgina Hale ...young Mrs. Aylwood
Dominic Guard ...young John Keller

Hugh Attwooll
Tom Leetch
Ron Miller

Brian Clemens
Gerry Day
Florence Engel Randall
Rosemary Anne Sisson
Harry Spalding

Stanley Myers

More Movie Taglines:
  • Scared of going into the woods? You should be ...
  • A Masterpiece Of Suspense!
  • Something Is Watching. Something Unknown.
  • The Most Legendary Monster Of All Can Now Be Seen For The First Time
  • As You've Never Seen It Before
  • It was just an innocent game... until a young girl vanished for thirty years
Movie Quote(s):
  • Mrs. Aylwood: [to unseen presence in the woods] She's going to stay here... is that what you wanted?
  • Jan Curtis: Mom said she'd only be a minute. Paul Curtis: Yeah, well that means "ten"!
  • Mrs. Aylwood: Did you hurt yourself? Jan Curtis: Oh, it's just a little cut. I thought... I thought I saw something out there in the woods. Mrs. Aylwood: What sort of person are you? Jan Curtis: That's hard to say. Just average, I guess. Mrs. Aylwood: Are you adventurous? And kind? Are you kind? Jan Curtis: I... try to be. Mrs. Aylwood: And sensitive...? Do you sense things?
  • Helen Curtis: [to her husband] I've seen the iciest of old ladies melted by your charm!
  • Ellie Curtis: Mrs. Aylwood sure is creepy! Mrs. Thayer: I think it was your daughter who did the trick. Ellie Curtis: Me? Mrs. Thayer: No dear, not you!
Movie Trivia:
  • The house that Mr. Keller lives in also served as Hill House, in the original version of Shirley Jackson's The Haunting (1963/I).
  • The original version ran 100 minutes. This was with the short ending that didn't include the explanatory "Other World Sequence" (which wasn't finished at the time of the film's initial release). After the original ending didn't work, the filmmakers re-cut it, adding the special effects sequence in which the viewer sees the other world that the victim was trapped in. This ending still didn't fare well with the critics, so Vincent McEveety was brought in (director John Hough was unavailable) to tweak the film and shoot an entirely new ending and opening credits sequence.
  • Diane Lane auditioned for the film.
  • Director John Hough was not involved in the ending re-shoots.
  • The Anchor Bay DVD release was originally going to be a two-disc set, with both the famous original 100 minute cut that test audiences saw (Anchor Bay found the footage that was thought destroyed, and was going to re-edit it as close as possible to the preview version) and the theatrical 84 minute cut. Unfortunately Disney did not allow Anchor Bay to have the original cut, and only let them use the two "alternate endings" which now appear on the DVD. This explains why director John Hough referring to the movie as being finally edited the way he intended (the commentary was recorded before Anchor Bay had to drop the two-disc idea), when it actually isn't. The alternate endings, however, do provide the majority of the missing footage from the 1981 preview, save some small scenes/changes. Hough explains that "his" ending is a combination of the two alternate endings and the film's current ending.
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Country Home, Eclipse, Past, Haunted House, Occult  ...[more]

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