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X-Men: The Last Stand (2006)
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X-Men: The Last Stand (2006) When a private laboratory supported by the government finds the cure for the mutants, using the DNA of a powerful boy, the mutants have the option of giving up their powers and become human, but their society split. Magneto opposes and decides to join a force to fight against the government and kill the mutant boy. Meanwhile, Jean Grey resurrects uncontrolled by Xavier and with the personality of the powerful Dark Phoenix. She destroys Cyclops and Professor Charles Xavier, and allies to the evil forces of Magneto, making them almost invincible.

Movie Tagline:
Take a Stand

Title: X-Men: The Last Stand
Release Date: May 26, 2006
Runtime: 104 mins
Genre: Action
All Genres: Action, Sci-Fi, Thriller
Languages: English
Country: Canada, USA, UK
Colors: Color
Sound: DTS-ES, Dolby Digital EX, SDDS
IMDB Rating: 6.9
Buried.com Rating: 7.9 - (Rate This Horror Movie at Buried.com)
Category: Horror Movies Starting With X

MPAA Rating: PG-13

MPAA Rating Reason:
Rated PG-13 for intense sequences of action violence, some sexual content and language.

Brett Ratner

Hugh Jackman ...Logan / Wolverine
Halle Berry ...Ororo Munroe / Storm
Ian McKellen ...Eric Lehnsherr / Magneto
Patrick Stewart ...Charles Xavier / Professor X
Famke Janssen ...Jean Grey / Phoenix
Anna Paquin ...Marie / Rogue
Kelsey Grammer ...Dr. Henry 'Hank' McCoy / Beast
James Marsden ...Scott Summers / Cyclops
Rebecca Romijn ...Raven Darkholme / Mystique
Shawn Ashmore ...Bobby Drake / Iceman
Aaron Stanford ...John Allerdyce / Pyro
Vinnie Jones ...Cain Marko / Juggernaut
Ellen Page ...Kitty Pryde / Shadowcat
Daniel Cudmore ...Peter Rasputin / Colossus
Ben Foster ...Warren Worthington III / Angel
Michael Murphy ...Warren Worthington II
Dania Ramirez ...Callisto
Shohreh Aghdashloo ...Dr. Kavita Rao
Josef Sommer ...The President
Bill Duke ...Trask
Eric Dane ...Multiple Man
Desiree Zurowski ...Mrs. Grey
Adrian Hough ...Mr. Grey
Haley Ramm ...young Jean Grey
Chris Claremont ...Lawnmower Man
Stan Lee ...Waterhose Man
Cayden Boyd ...young Angel
Tanya Newbould ...Dr. McCoy's Assistant
Anthony Heald ...FBI Mystique Interrogator
Cameron Bright ...Jimmy / Leech

» [more cast members]

Avi Arad
Lee Cleary
Ross Fanger
Kevin Feige
James M. Freitag
David Gorder
Stan Lee
John Palermo
Lauren Shuler Donner
Kurt Williams
Ralph Winter

Simon Kinberg
Zak Penn

John Powell

X-Men: The Last Stand Horror Film Trailer 1
X-Men: The Last Stand Horror Film Trailer 2
X-Men: The Last Stand Horror Film Trailer 3

More Movie Taglines:
  • Take a Stand
  • Po Czyjej Stronie Bedziesz? (Whose Side Will You Stand On?) [Poland]
  • L'Ultime chapitre de la trilogie (The final chapter of the trilogy) [France]
  • Whose Side Will You Be On?
  • Evolution will make a last stand.
Movie Quote(s):
  • Logan: [to Rogue] I'm not your father. I'm your friend.
  • Prof. Charles Xavier: Don't let it control you.
  • John Allerdyce: Gettin' the cure so you can go back home to Mommy and Daddy? Bobby Drake: I'm lookin' for someone. [looks around, sees mutants lining up to get cure] John Allerdyce: Oh. I get it. Your girlfriend. I figured she'd want the cure. She's pathetic. Bobby Drake: [clenches fist angrily, starts to freeze up] John Allerdyce: [lights a fireball] Come on, Iceman. Make a move. Bobby Drake: [long pause, then turns and walks away] John Allerdyce: Same old Bobby. Still afraid of a fight! [turns around and ignites "The Cure" building]
  • Eric Lensherr: Charles always wanted to build bridges
  • Eric Lensherr: What have I done?
Movie Trivia:
  • Philippe Rousselot was hired as cinematographer by Matthew Vaughn, and initially stayed on when Brett Ratner took over as director. Not long into shooting, however, Rousselot quit the project (later saying that signing on to shoot the film was the biggest blunder he'd ever made). Dante Spinotti, the cinematographer on Ratner's previous two films, was available, and he took over for most of the remaining filming. He had to leave about a week before the end of shooting as he was committed to working on The Contract (2006/I), and so J. Michael Muro was hired for the remainder of shooting.
  • The "Tracking Mutations" issue of Scientific American that Hank McCoy/Beast is reading in his office while hanging from the ceiling was not a fake prop; the magazine actually had that cover story in October of 2005.
  • Angel's wings were initially too heavy for Ben Foster, and were remade from foam.
  • Patrick Stewart's "de-aged" effect in the opening scene was based on publicity photos from the first season of "Star Trek: The Next Generation" (1987).
  • Halle Berry had initially decided not to reprise her role as Storm for this film, citing lack of character development in the previous two installments and a tense relationship with director Bryan Singer. However, after Singer's departure and suffering a major box-office flop with Catwoman (2004), Berry agreed to return on the condition that her role be expanded. Consequently, in this film Storm serves as leader of the X-Men, which is keeping with the comics since she served as team leader for a time in Xavier's absence.
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