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You Only Live Twice (1967)
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You Only Live Twice (1967) In 1967 the US and Soviet Russia reach a new crisis when Jupiter 16, a US space capsule, is captured in Earth orbit by a strange rocket ship. The US accuses the Soviets of the space hijacking, even though Great Britain believes the alien ship landed in the Sea Of Japan. Her Majesty's Secret Service now swings into action by "killing" James Bond in Hong Kong - a ruse so Bond can move about Japan unmolested by his enemies. Working with, and enjoying the exotic hospitality of, Japanese SIS and its commander "Tiger" Tanaka, James uncovers evidence that a major chemical company is smuggling liquid oxygen for rocket fuel, and his and Tanaka's investigation leads to an extinct volcano that is the source of the space hijacking - just as a Soviet spacecraft is grabbed by the alien rocket and a previously scheduled US launch is pushed upward with America's strategic forces on full battle alert, forcing James and Tanaka to confront the true source of the space hijackings - SPECTRE, and its ruthless leader Ernst Stavro Blofeld.

Movie Tagline:
Welcome to Japan, Mr. Bond

Title: You Only Live Twice
Release Date: June 13, 1967
Runtime: 117 mins
Genre: Action
All Genres: Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi, Thriller
Languages: English, Japanese, Russian
Country: UK
Colors: Color
Sound: Mono
IMDB Rating: 7.0
Buried.com Rating: 8 - (Rate This Horror Movie at Buried.com)
Category: Horror Movies Starting With Y

MPAA Rating: PG

Lewis Gilbert

Sean Connery ...James Bond
Akiko Wakabayashi ...Aki
Mie Hama ...Kissy Suzuki
Tetsuro Tanba ...Tiger Tanaka (as Tetsuro Tanba)
Teru Shimada ...Mr. Osato
Karin Dor ...Helga Brandt
Donald Pleasence ...Ernst Stavro Blofeld
Bernard Lee ...M
Lois Maxwell ...Miss Moneypenny
Desmond Llewelyn ...Q
Charles Gray ...Dikko Henderson
Tsai Chin ...Ling, Chinese Girl in Hong Kong
Peter Fanene Maivia ...Car Driver
Burt Kwouk ...Spectre 3
Michael Chow ...Spectre 4
Ronald Rich ...Hans, Blofeld's Bodyguard
Jeanne Roland ...Bond's Masseuse
David Toguri ...Assassin in Bedroom
John Stone ...Submarine Captain
Norman Jones ...Astronaut - American Spacecraft #1
Paul Carson ...Astronaut - American Spacecraft #1
Laurence Herder ...Astronaut - Russian Spacecraft
Richard Graydon ...Astronaut - Russian Spacecraft
Bill Mitchell ...Astronaut - American Spacecraft #2
George Roubicek ...Astronaut - American Spacecraft #2
Anthony Ainley ...Hong Kong Policeman #2
Vic Armstrong ...Ninja #1
Robin Bailey ...Foreign Secretary
George Baker ...NASA Engineer
David Bauer ...American Diplomat

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Albert R. Broccoli
Harry Saltzman
Stanley Sopel

Ian Fleming
Harold Jack Bloom
Roald Dahl

John Barry

Movie Soundtrack(s):
"You Only Live Twice"

More Movie Taglines:
  • Welcome to Japan, Mr. Bond
  • This Man IS James Bond [US subway final advance poster]
  • You Only Live Twice...and "TWICE" is the only way to live!
  • Sean Connery IS James Bond
Movie Quote(s):
  • James Bond: Is this the only room there is? Kissy Suzuki: Yes. That is your bed, [points to one side of room] Kissy Suzuki: I shall sleep over there. [points to other side of room] James Bond: But we're supposed to be married. Kissy Suzuki: Think again, please. You gave false name to priest. James Bond: Yes, but we must keep up appearances. We're on our honeymoon. Kissy Suzuki: No honeymoon. This is business. James Bond: [pushing aside his oyster dinner] Well, I won't need these.
  • Helga Brandt: [Bond is captured by Helga Brandt] I've got you now. James Bond: Well, enjoy yourself. [Brandt slaps him]
  • [about to make love to Helga Brandt] James Bond: Oh the things I do for England.
  • Aki: I think I will enjoy very much serving under you.
  • Aki: You wouldn't touch that horrible woman, would you? James Bond: Oh heaven forbid.
Movie Trivia:
  • The novel of "You Only Live Twice" was the last Ian Fleming James Bond novel published during his lifetime. Released on 16 March 1964, it was the twelfth novel in the series. For the first time in the James Bond film series, the screen story bore little resemblance to the source novel. Some characters and the Japanese setting remain intact, but the two stories are radically different.
  • The primary reason for converting the Toyota 2000GT coupes into convertibles was Sean Connery's height; he was simply too tall to fit into the GT which was notoriously too small for anyone over 5'8". Connery's height was 6'2".
  • Little Nellie is based on the real-life Wallis Autogyro. Its inventor, Wing Commander K.H. Wallis, actually flew Little Nellie in the film. The machine was incorporated into the plot after production designer Ken Adam heard Wallis in a radio interview discussing his invention. Wallis had to log 85 flights in total to film the sequence. It was all filmed outside of Japan because Japanese Law forbade the firing of rockets in the air.
  • The film's CD Soundtrack sleeve notes state that the "You Only Live Twice" song sung by Nancy Sinatra charted in the USA on 24 June 1967 and went to the No. #44 spot. In the UK, it entered the charts on 5 July 1967 and peaked at No. #11. The soundtrack album debuted in the US charts on 15 July 1967 where it peaked at the No. #27 spot.
  • James Bond participates in a Japanese wedding ceremony in the film. Mercifully, he uses a false name, otherwise this would mean he would have been still married under Japanese law when he wed Tracy di Vincenzo in the next film, On Her Majesty's Secret Service (1969)
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