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Undertaker's Shark Week

Buried . com's own version of shark week ! Italian cineamatic productions with a slight resembalance to an american film named after the upper and lower mandible of a great white shark . translation : Jaws ripoffs from Italy !

These 3 flicks are all so similar and kinda related i thought i'd just have a 3some with the sharks and do 'em all at once ( the movies i mean ) . The 3 films in question are 1)The Last Shark aka Great White , The Last Jaws , & L'ultimo Squallo from 1980 2) Deep Blood aka Profondo Sangue , Sharks -The Challenge made in 1989 3) Cruel Jaws made in 1994 . People there's more stock footage in these 3 than you'll ever see on the Discovery Channel .

Let's start with The Last Shark . Seen Jaws ? Then you've seen this too . Well , not really , but it's kinda similar . Vic Morrow does his best Scottish accent ( ? ) and wants to kill the thing . This one has plenty of shark action ( real and otherwise ) and some gory moments to it . Ever seen a shark take out a helicopter ? How about a rigata of windsurfers ? The giant steel curtain built to keep out the shark just doesn't hold up to the giant teeth . From their on out it's shark rampage . Luckily , our "heroes" ( ? ) are able to tag the thing with a nice pink rubber ball ( or ballon or float or buoy or some shit ) so as to keep track of it . The actual shark that was made for the film isn't too bad looking and it eats a chopper so it gets my approval . This thing is classic ! Some of the goofest dialog ever helps keep you awake . Stuff like " Where's Peter ? " " Oh, Peter couldn't come . " and later " Good to see he made it in " " Yes , I'm glad Peter could make it this morning also " I bet lady !

Next Comes director Joe D'amato's (R.I.P.) Deep Blood . I had high , high hopes for this one , but it was the least interesting of the 3 for me . Not enough shark carnage for my tastes . Still an ok flick , but i wanted more edible peoples . Some really cheesy ass fx and dialog . The storyline of this movie was it's strongest point really .

Lastly , we have a movie that is the biggest ripper of all ; Cruel Jaws ! I can't even put into words the jaw dropping experience i had watching this one . Let's see , we have what is basically a remake of The Last Shark ( which was a ripoff of Jaws ) , it has some footage ripped right out of both Cruel Jaws and The Last Shark , and it has some music in it that very much sounds like some Star Wars tunes ! HAHAHAHAAH!!!

A classic exploiter of the highest caliber . Wacky dialog , more cheesy shark attacks (and more stock footage ) and that incredible pink buoy shark indicator ( though that is never really explained ) . They keep calling the shark a tiger shark , but the one in the movie sure looks like a great white ! Oh my , what more can you want ? Blood , sharks , and ripoffs at every angle . This one was supposedly directed by Bruno Mattei under another name so do i need to say more hahahaha !

Forget Deep Blue and check out these 3 !!

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