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Memorial Day Horror Movies - Holiday Horror Movies Guide

Memorial Day is only a few days away and what better way is there to celebrate those who sacrificed themselves for the good ol' United States than by watching a few horror flicks. They gave their lives so you could waste yours sitting on your couch watching horror flicks. There are not many Memorial Day horror movies to choose from, but we have a few. So if you are looking for a way to avoid those Memorial Day sales, slap on your American Flag leisure pants and take a gander at some of these flicks!

Memorial Day Horror Movies Memorial Valley Massacre (1988)
Just When You Thought It Was Safe To Go Back In The Tent... A group of campers celebrating Memorial Day weekend at a new campground find horror instead of happiness when a strange, violent valley hermit begins a rampage of death and destruction on the campers for polluting his valley. Starring John Kerry, Mark Mears, John Caso, Lesa Lee, Jimmy Justice and William Smith. Directed by Robert C. Hughes
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Memorial Day Horror Movies Memorial Day (1999)
Rachel is haunted by nightmares of the day, three years ago, when her brother mysteriously died while she and a group of friends partied at a lake. This weekend, Rachel and her friends are returning to the same lake to finally put her mind to rest, or so they think. Little do they know a faceless killer awaits to spawn a few new nightmares! Stars Therese Fretwell, Marcos Gabriel, Jasmine Trice and Derek Nieves.
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Here are a few other horror movies you might enjoy on Memorial Day. While they do not necessarily have a Memorial Day theme, they are worth a viewing. So if you haven't passed out by now from excess drinking on your one day off... these horror films are a good watch.
Beach Demons (2005)
On the way home from a live action role playing tournament, two uber-dork dudes find their way into a tale of tiki terror. First, their car breaks down along a stretch of abandoned beach property. Next, the dudes encounter a band of surfers marooned on the beach. Soon, the dudes learn that the surfers are a part of an ancient covenent with the beach demons who want to make the dudes the latest addition to their cult. The Dudes' friendship is put to the test as each each dude struggles to find his own way out of this story of an endless endless summer.

Monster from Bikini Beach (2008)
MONSTER FROM BIKINI BEACH is the story of a primordial fiend who rises from the murky depths to quench its insatiable lust for Bikini-Clad Beauties. One man dares suspect a truth too terrifying to believe, while a crooked cop tries to cash in on the score of a lifetime! Thrown together by destiny, the two find themselves locked in the final bloody battle to defend Bikini Beach. Will they be in time to save the Lovely Ladies of Camaroville from the Beast's Wanton Rampage of Total Terror or will they die trying?!

Long Weekend (2008)
Peter and Carla have a wasted marriage and constant friction. Peter buys expensive camping apparatuses and despite the protests of Carla, he travels with her and their dog Cricket to camp in the isolated Moondah Beach in the North Coast with his friend Luke and his girlfriend during the rainy holiday. Peter stops in a pub in the Eggleston Hotel and leaves a message to Luke with the owner of the pub. When Peter takes the shortcut to reach the beach, he gets lost and the couple spends the night sleeping in their truck. On the next morning, Peter organizes the campsite and disturbs the nature with his rifle. Along the two days, the couple deteriorates their relationship while the nature revenges the bad treatment.

A Perfect Getaway (2009)
Newlywed Hollywood Screenwriter Cliff Anderson and his wife, Cydney, head off to Hawaii for their honey-moon. After obtaining permits they drive a rented car and encounter hostile hitch-hikers, Cleo and Kale. They subsequently come to find out that police have discovered a brutally murdered couple with their teeth and nails removed. Cliff and Cydney then encounter war-vet Nick and his girlfriend, Gina, and together the four trek their way towards a popular beach. It will not take them long to realize that both Nick and Gina are a little odd, but before they could decide to separate from them, they find themselves confronted by Kale and Cleo, as well as unknown stalkers.

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