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Debbie Rochon
Horror Interview by The Undertaker

Debbie Rochon started her acting career as a pre-teen in 1981 in the punk-rock cult-movie hit LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, THE FABULOUS STAINS! Having worked for three months with Paramount Pictures, Rochon realized that this is certainly work she enjoyed. So saving every penny she could she immediately started acting lessons. Once she was 16, Rochon auditioned for the local acting department in Vancouver's Community College and was accepted. Just before classes commenced she decided her money was better spent training in New York City. She then relocated and has been based in Manhattan ever since and has worked on tons of horror and sci-fi films.

Debbie Rochon is also a published writer, her work has appeared all over the world in such publications as: The Joe Bob Report, Phantom of the Movies' Videoscope, TV Scene, Scan, Draculina, Fantastyka, Alternative Cinema, Scream Queens Illustrated, Drive In Cinema, Masters of Kung-Fu, Dark Gallery, Chiller Theater Magazine, and Femme Fatales. Rochon is also a member of the pop group called the SLICE GIRLS, a horror-theme parody band based on the SPICE GIRLS.

e-mail: b-movie@ix.netcom.com (subject: ROCHON)
on the web at: www.debbierochon.com
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Debbie Rochon P.O. Box 1299 New York, NY 10009

1. How many films have you appeared in as an actress over the years?

About 42 total.

2. You've done quite a bit of writing for various magazines & such . Have you written any books or would you be interested in that . If so , what would you write?

I have a book that's out now called The B Movie Survival Guide which can be found at Amazon.com or at comic book and specialty stores across the country. It's a guide on how to live to the end credits with a forward by Joe Bob Briggs. I've also written a chapter for a book called The Ultimate Horror Movie Actress Guide which is still being shopped around. Other contributors include Roger Corman, Brinke Stevens, Jon Keeyes, Linnea Quigley and Julie Strain.

3. Ever worked in other film related areas? If you have, how was that?

I'm one of the producers of Split which is a very cool futuristic gangster film I've been working on with director Chaim Bianco. The official web site is: www.splitbrain.com my character's name is cyclops. He's a genius. It will kick ass when it comes out.

4. Which of your movie roles are you proudest of or feel turned out best?

Which one do you hate the most and are ashamed of and won't admit to like Kevin Bacon does when asked about Friday the 13th? The best is very hard to say... I love my character Cyclops in Split, I loved playing Kessa in Rage of the Werewolf, I think Christine from Terror Firmer is really over the top and was a lot of fun. And I play Miss Weiner in Citizen Toxie: The Toxic Avenger Part 4 which is a very different role for me and I enjoyed it very much! The worst I think... is maybe... Trixie from Party Incorporated. But it was very silly, so maybe it comes off as campy as it does bad. Now bear in mind that when I say this I'm going by my performance, I'm not judging the films I've done because I'm not responsible for any ENTIRE film, and the viewing audience can be the ultimate judge of what bad is to them.

5. How do you feel when fans or critics for that matter refer to you as a "scream queen"?

At this point I think it's lame. It's a dated term and very unimaginative in my opinion. But people need to use handles so that they can describe people easily. I just think it takes more imagination to describe someone without using patent terminology. I never call myself one, but I really don't care if others call me one.

6. Who are some of the people you enjoy working with the most?

Lloyd Kaufman is very cool. I'm a big fan of his. Chaim Bianco is one of the most talented people I've ever worked with. Kevin Lindenmuth is one of the best writers and is very easy to work with, always a pleasure. I can honestly say almost everyone I've worked with has been cool, very few exceptions.

7. What was the main reason you got interested in being an actress? Did you ever think you'd be in horror and sci-fi films?

I worked on Ladies and Gentlemen: The Fabulous Stains! at age 11 and was interested in film ever since. I was a fan of horror as a very little girl. I would wake up at 2 or 3 in the morning and sneak out to the living room to watch late night horror movies. I've always been a big fan of horror and sci-fi flicks.

8. How was you Halloween this year ? Do anything special or exciting?

No, I was hit by a taxi on Saturday the 30th so it ruined my Halloween plans. However, I did do an internet radio show at eyada.com over the phone on Halloween so that was cool.

9. What are some of your favorite fright films you've enjoyed over the years?

SOOOOO many... Cemetery Man, The Abyss, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Psycho, Carnival of Souls, Evil Dead, Last House on the Left... the list goes on forever!

10. Are there any specific directors you'd like to work with sometime in the future?

Tim Burton, Wes Craven, Berry Sonnenfeld, Kevin Smith. Quite a wish list huh?

11. Any strange or memorable moments happen to you over the years while working on a movie?

Well, I was just in Las Vegas and had started shooting a film with Michael Berryman, and after a couple of days the director got very seriously ill and the shoot was shut down. Very disappointing. But I gambled for a few days with the crew in Vegas before we flew back to NYC! It was a very surreal experience. It was like I went on vacation with the crew, and a couple of them even flew out their girlfriends and got married!

12. Are there any actors or actresses you'd like to work with in the future?

Jeffrey Combs! And anyone who is good but doesn't have an attitude! I'm so sick of that.

13. You've been in the film business for a while now & have worked with and been seen in movies by a great number of people . Do you still find it difficult to stand up in front of a group of strangers once a week and say "My name's Debbie and I'm an alcoholic" ?: )

Well, I don't have that particular problem... but I do find it difficult standing up in front of a group of people and saying "My name is Debbie and I'm not solely responsible for all of my films"

14. Your last movie; " Rage of the werewolf ", turned out well . Were you pleased with it and how did you like playing a vampire?

Yes, I enjoyed playing a vampire very much! I think it came out very well, I laughed my ass off when I saw it. It was really enjoyable!

15. Tells us some more about your band, The Slice Girls. Do you play an instrument?

No, I sing only. We have a CD out. We're strictly a studio band, no touring! We do songs with horror movie lyrics put to popular Spice Girls tunes! A parody band.

16. Do you have any new films or projects coming out that fans can look for in the near future?

Yes, In The Hood is just being released now as is Rage of the Werewolf. Terror Firmer is playing in the theaters in LA. Troma's now releasing a film I did a couple of years ago with Gunnar Hansen called Hellblock 13. Sandy Hook Lingerie Party Massacre, Citizen Toxie: The Toxic Avenger Part 4 and Split will all be coming out in 2000. Of course Night of the Living Dead 30th Anniversary Edition is widely available!

17. Will you be appearing at any conventions in the near future? Do you like going to these?

Yes I do enjoy going to conventions, but I'm not sure of any appearances right now because I'm very busy with other work.

18. Anything that fans out there would be surprised to know about you?

I'm a very conservative person. I enjoy hanging out with my pug, watching movies and spending time with my boyfriend.

19. What types of things do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

Writing. I'll also start college pretty soon, I'll major in filmmaking most likely.

20. How many lovesick fan-boys do you have stalking you at the present time? Ever had problems with overzealous fans?

Everyone has been quite nice. I'm currently in the process of legal action with someone and that's all I'll say about that for now... They'll be taken care of very well needless to say.

21. How's your website doing? Do you enjoy using the internet at times?

My website www.DebbieRochon.com is doing very well! The internet is an amazing tool. I think it's very cool what's going on and how important it's becoming. Finally a means of media that the big studios DON'T monopolize. It's an equal playing ground for the independent filmmakers and the big boys. I love that.

22. I saw a video a while back with you in it wearing a Spooky World t-shirt. Have you been there before? did you like it?

Yes I was a guest at Spooky World with Carel Struycken and loved the experience. I haven't been there since though, that was back in 1995.

23. Any last thing you'd like to let the fans know? How they might get some of your movies?

Quite a few are available on the internet. Amazon.com and reel.com are pretty good. Otherwise keep asking your local video store to purchase them! All the independent films need a little help, and our voice is more powerful than we think!

Thanks Debbie, it has been a true pleasure!

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