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Jose Rosete
Horror Interview by The Gravedigger

Q: What is your background? Influences? How did you get involved with horror movies?

I'm from Arizona. I grew up in the city of Chandler. I grew up watching gangster movies, Stallone, Schwarzenegger, Charles Bronson, mostly action movies. When I was in the 6th grade, that's when I started to notice the people in movies were just pretending, faking it. That's when it hit me, they must be having so much fun. Since then I really can't watch a movie without wondering what it was like to have played one of the parts or what it was like actually being there while they were making it. When I started acting, I just wanted to be in good movies and work with talented people. Basically people who had the same love as me, and that's making movies. So I just want to make good movies. It doesn't matter if they're comedies, dramas, or horror films. I've been very fortunate to have come across the scripts that I have. I have four horror films coming out, and two in pre-production. Horror fans are the best in the world so I'm excited about these movies. As much as I want to get to that next level, there's something about the independent world. You get people who are hungry, who want to make a movie as bad as you do. You work hard and the final product gives you a feeling inside that I can't explain, can't put into words. These horror films I have coming out, give me that feeling.

Q: You're coming at the horror movie from the perspective of an actor. Compared to a straightforward drama how do they compare in terms of production? What do you like best about being in horror films?

No other type of production can compare to a horror movie production. In my experiences most horror stories take place at night. All night shoots can be hard on actors. But not me, I'm a night person anyways. Usually there's lots of blood being made and laying around. If it's an over the top horror movie, there's make-up involved. Make-up slows things down, it always takes a lot of time. Action films have their squib shots and fight scenes but horror movies have the different types of killing tools, different ways of killing. The killers always have to be different. Horror movies are always the messiest. The best thing for me about being in a horror movie is, of course being the killer. People think in movies, it's great to make the audience laugh, or special to make the audience cry. To me, there's nothing better than scaring the hell out of someone.

Q: The first movie I saw you in was Twilight Show's THE DEAD LINK, in which you get possessed by an alien entity. How was it to be "the villain" in a horror film?

"The Dead Link" was my first lead role. It was a great experience. Working with Ben Juhl is always awesome. I really liked the character of "Bungy". He was an ordinary easy going guy who gets possessed by an alien. Sitting there for make-up for up to three hours wasn't easy but it looked so kick ass. Playing that part of the character was a lot of fun. Bungy did some crazy stuff when he wasn't himself and it was a huge part of that movie being entertaining. The Dead Link is such a good movie. It's pure independent spirit, pure effort. We had absolutely no money and made a very good movie. Ben did such a good job with the editing and music. It's gotten such a good response here in Arizona, but a lot of people haven't had a chance to pick it up in video stores nationwide because distributors won't give it a chance. I know it doesn't have the tits and ass most horror movies need to get any attention but it's a good story. It has a good plot with good characters. We had several horror websites review it and they all had very good things to say about it. One of these days someone is going to take a chance on it and people will finally get to see it. For now they can go to twilightshow.com and get a copy for themselves, and check out the reviews, pictures, and trailer.

Q: I'm assuming being involved with THE DEAD LINK led you to co-writing THE DEVIL'S PLAYHOUSE. Who is involved with that and what is it about?

Yea, me and Ben just sat back and saw how companies were turning The Dead Link down left and right. We had a lot of ideas for the next project but we knew it had to be good, real good. We both had our own scripts we were playing around with then- Ben approached me with an outline for a story. I had never written a horror story before but I had ideas. So when he showed me his outline, I combined his ideas with mine and came up with the first draft for "The Devil's Playhouse." It was fun to finally get a lot of the stuff I had been thinking about on paper. I knew everything Ben had over at Twilightshow Studios, as far as his props and the things he's capable of making. I pounded out 90 pages and gave it to him. I was hoping he would dig but I didn't think he'd be as excited about it as he was. He wanted it to be his next movie and that was very exciting to me. From there we threw ideas back and forth until Ben came up with the final draft. It's a story about mutants, immortals, and rock and roll demons. It's the underground world of depraved characters and evil torment. We're talking about a house where black market slavery takes place, souls being taken, and wanted back. The people who run it, the people who get caught up in it, and they people who want to throw a monkey wrench into the whole system. I'm very proud of this film. Again, true independent spirit here. Ben went all out on this one. He and Scott Fike built these incredible sets. But the best thing about this film are the characters. I can't say enough about the cast. We were really fortunate to get the performances we got. I took one of the smaller roles in the film but it's one of the more memorable ones. Ben went into production and knocked this thing out. The dailies were fun to watch. Everyone worked so hard, and it'll show when it comes out. The TRAILER is up and you can see for yourself. We already have interest from different distributors and film festivals. Check out the website for cast and crew info, pictures, and of course, the awesome trailer. Ben and I took all the feedback the distributors gave us on why The Dead Link wouldn't be as successful as we would have liked. "The Devil's Playhouse" is what they wanted. That's what we're giving them. More importantly, it's for the horror fans.

Q: In 666: The Demon Child, you are chased throughout the movie by an IT'S ALIVE type monster baby. Any interesting stories being on location with that film?

"666: The Demon Child" was a good/bad experience. I got to work with Emmy Award Winner Cary Howe. He Wrote and Directed 666. I was very excited to work on this project. After seeing his demon child doll and all of the special effects and make-up he would be using, everything looked so promising. Being on location had it's issues. If I told you Arizona had weather problems in the summer, you would think I was crazy. Production was already being rushed. I don't know how, but we got hit with a week of rain, straight. We were working all nighters and for that first week we couldn't get anything done. Before we knew it, we had like five days to film this feature. We ended up not having time to shoot a chunk of pages from the script. It was crazy. Now, I know every production has it's set backs and there's always going to be issues. I don't want to point any fingers or make any excuses. This movie just wasn't meant to be. I expected so much more from this movie. Honestly, I expected so much more from me. I take full responsibility for my performance. I didn't come through like I know I could have. It was a learning experience. I watch the movie and I see certain scenes I like, but overall it just didn't come together like it should/could have. It happens. I know a lot of people have butchered the film in reviews. I don't blame them. The thing is thought, it's the film people love to hate. I remember when it came out, you couldn't find it anywhere, in any video store. I knew people who went looking for it and they had to wait. It rented like crazy. But yet, The Dead Link can't find one company to give it a chance?

Q: Some of the upcoming movies you are in are HOOD OF THE LIVING DEAD, which is coming out in July, and THE LONELY ONES. What can you tell us about them?

There is a film that I'm so excited about. It's called "MACHINED." It was Written and Directed by Craig McMahon(La Caja). It's the story of this guy, MOTORMAN DAN, who runs a machine shop. He's obsessed with serial killers, though he doesn't have the balls to actually kill himself. I play the character of Ryan, who unfortunately crosses paths with Motorman Dan. There's an accident and Motorman Dan doesn't hesitate, he takes Ryan back to his machine shop. Ryan is reduced to the mind of a six year old. Ryan needs medical attention and his family but Motorman Dan has other plans, he brainwashes him. He turns him into his serial killer toy. From there it's a nightmare for everyone else who gets involved with Motorman Dan's machine shop, including Ryan's sister who is determined to find out what has happened to her brother. It's an awesome story and the cast is great. The website speaks for itself and when you see this TRAILER, you'll be waiting for this movie so you can get your hands on a copy. I can't wait myself.

I'm in a Quiroz Brothers (Pumpkin Patch Pictures) film called "Hood Of The Living Dead." It's a zombie story with an urban twist. It takes place in Oakland, Ca. The story is about a scientist who is working on a formula that brings dead tissue back to life. Not yet ready for humans, the scientist' brother is killed in a drive by shooting. He doesn't hesitate, he injects his brother with the formula. His brother comes back to life but not as himself, as the living dead. Not too long after, different 'hoods' in Oakland are in danger. I play an ex-military character who is brought in to "clean up the mess." Ben Juhl actually did the zombie make-up for this film, he also had a part in the film. I got a chance to see this movie already and it came out great. Horror fans, especially zombie fans are going to love it. Image Entertainment is going to release it on July 12th.

Another independent film that people are going to start hearing about soon is "the lonely ones." Written and Directed by David Quiroz. It's a story about these kids who go off into the woods for the weekend. While in their cabin, things start to happen. They are introduced to different characters and not too long after, the shit hits the fan. It's a creature movie, a unique, original creature story. I play one of the leads and all I can say about my character is that I'm there to kick a lot of ass. Ben Juhl did all of the special effects/make-up for this film as well. You can read up on it and watch the TRAILER.

Other than that, I have two other Quiroz Brothers films coming out on Image Entertainment. I play the lead in "Illegal Business," an Urban/Drama. And I have a comedy with Todd Bridges coming out called "I Got Five On It." Both will be released in mid/late 2005.

Q: What are your future projects?

Right now I'm working on two short films. One of them is for Cool Wave Pictures, Written and Directed by Charles Peterson. It's called "Laws of Deception." I play a burned out hitman who falls in love with his next victim and he now has to decide whether or not to kill her. Check out it's status.

The other is a story I wrote and that I'm Directing. It's UNTITLED and I'm currently casting. It's about a guy who's fed up with life, he confronts god before wanting to take his own life. It's a real intense story and I'm going to play the lead. I'm going to start filming here pretty soon.

I have two features in pre-production. One of them is a Quiroz Brothers film on Image Entertainment. It's a serial killer story that takes place in the Bay Area. That's all I can really say about it right now. The other is a zombie story I wrote. I wish I could talk more about it and who's going to make it, give some more info away but I can't right now. All I can say is that it's a zombie story unlike you've ever seen. And it's in Spanish- OK I've said too much: ) Hopefully I'll be invited back so I can really break it down for the horror fans and get them ready.

Q: Anything else?

I really want to thank you Gravedigger and Buried.com for giving me the time to share my work as well as myself. I want to thank all of the horror fans, like I said, the best in the world. Check out my website. I'll always have up-dated information about what I have going on. I'll have an interview in the next issue of The Hacker's Source Magazine so make sure you get your copy. Tobe Hooper and I are on the cover. Check out what Ben and I have going on over at twilightshow.com. After "The Devil's Playhouse" we'll be right back at it working on another project. Do you believe in ghosts? Hint Hint: ) Attention Arizona, if you're into this like we are, represent… moviemilitia.com. The place where talented people get together and unite. Arizona has so much talent. I know we have the actors, writers, directors, producers, crew, and every other position IN THIS STATE. Check out the site and come join us, Arizona has what it takes to put out quality movies, consistently. Let's do this.

Official Web Site at www.joserosete.com

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