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Ryan Cavalline
Horror Interview by The Gravedigger

Q: First, tell us about yourself & your influences

RYAN: Hello... My name is Ryan Cavalline and I run a small company called 4th Floor Pictures. I've been making movies for over eight years. I've only been on the b-movie scene for the past four years. I went to college for filmmaking, but I didn't graduate with a film degree. While in film school I came to the conclusion that you really don't need to go to film school to learn how to make a movie. I basically learned how to make movies on my own and from other filmmakers. So... much for film school. While I was in college, I began to build 4th Floor Pictures and many of the scripts that I'm shooting nowadays. Just like any of other filmmaker, I was influenced by some of the greatest filmmakers in the business. Filmmakers such as Clive Barker, Sam Raimi, Tom Savini, and Tobe Hooper. When I started to get into the b-movie world my influences changed a lot. I became more driven to make movies from filmmakers such as Tim Ritter and Ronnie Sortor. To this day, most of my influences come from other b-movie directors. They are making the movies they want to make and to me that's the biggest influence for me to make my movies.

Q: How does SERIAL KILLER differ from other serial killer movies?

RYAN: I was doing research on serial killers and came across this great story about a writer who was being harassed by people for his book. I thought that was a great idea for a story line. Of course, I added my own twists and turns to the story. This serial killer movie isn't all based on the serial killer himself. The story is twisted together with our main character and the serial killer. The two come to together at the end. The ending is very twisted and I don't want to give it away. Most serial killers movies focus completely on the serial killer and nothing else. This movie gives you two different stories that end up together.

Q: What made you decide to make a serial killer movie in the first place?

RYAN: I always wanted to do serial killer movie in this type of form. I've done other serial killer movies, but they were all done in a different style. One of our movies, "Shudder", was a serial killer movie based on the "who did it" style. The audience doesn't know who the killer is until the end. I also produced "Day of the Ax 3" and that was a serial killer movie done more in the style of the Halloween themes. The killer was more of a supernatural being. So, when I decided to do this movie, I wanted to do a movie that was more of a serious matter.

Q: You have some great cameos by Indy B-Movie actors (Joel Wynkoop, Ron Ford). How did you approach them to participate?

RYAN: I basically emailed them and told them about the movie and the parts that I had open. They were all cool about doing the roles and it was fun to have them take part. One of the funniest things happened when I mailed Joel Wynkoop the script. He called me up and said he would love to do the role, but it was way to graphic for him. I kinda laughed at first. I never thought I could write something so nasty. I ended up re-writing the part and then Joel was cool with doing it. Everyone was great to work with and everyone was more then happy to help out with the project.

Q: Talk about your other actors in the movieā€¦

RYAN: Adam Berasi played the part of Michael. Adam has been working hard with his acting in the past year. He was my first choose to play the lead role. A few of the reviews I got back about Serial Killer really bashed Adam and his acting. When Adam and I were working things out for his character, we decided that this guy really needed to be boring and just a drunk who sits around a lot. I don't think a lot of the reviewers understood that. Personally, I think Adam did a great job at what we needed for the character.

Badger played the serial killer. With Vic, I just told him how this character is and Vic developed the rest. Vic is one of the best actors I've ever worked with. I really enjoy seeing him bring a character to life. Its really something to see.

Pamela Sutch also took part. She is one of the greatest scream queens out there. One of the most professional person, I've ever worked with. She developed her character on her own. I really only gave her the details about her character and the rest she came up with. She did a great job in the movie.

Q: How did you get all those nude women?

RYAN: Most of the women who played victims of the serial killer were all models or adult entertainers. When I talked to the girls about the movie and what they had to do, most of them were cool with it. I really didn't have a problem getting the girls to do their characters. Most of the characters had very graphic stories to tell and all of the girls had no problem with it. They all did a great job.

Q: Any weird anecdotes from making the movie?

RYAN: Well... after the movie was done, I got a phone call from the state police. It seems that someone in the neighborhood seen the movie and felt that we were making porn. Well, after a good hour on the phone with the cops, they basically wanted to know if all the girls were of legal age. Of course they are and I have the actor agreement forms to prove it. They were happy with that and then they started giving me tips on making movies. It seems that the police like more action in their movies. I just couldn't believe that someone thought we were making porn... Maybe the next time I will!

Q: What are your next projects?

RYAN: Right now, I'm in post production with "Evil Tales 3". Its a compilation video made up of short stories. Its be hosted by Pamela Sutch. I will also be taking part in another compilation video called "Splatterfest". Our movie "Day of the Ax 3" will be re-edited and re-mastered for this compilation. All of the shorts in "Splatterfest" are all being done in the style of the 80's slasher movies. Its should be a lot of fun. Plus in March we will be finishing up "Demon Slaughter". We began shooting this movie in the fall and had to stop production do to the weather change. I'm really looking forward to finishing that movie up.

Q: . Anything you wish to add?

RYAN: Movie making is a magical thing... To take an idea and to create it into something is the coolest thing in this world. If you are a filmmaker this is my advice... Have fun making your movie. When it isn't fun anymore, then its not worth doing anymore. To everyone else out there... Support b-movies... More heart and soul goes into a b-movie then any Hollywood movie out there.

Official Web Site at www.4thfloorpictures.com

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