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Tom Towles
Horror Interview by Herr Doktor

Greetings fiends, today I have a special treat for you. I have no other than Tom Towles, of Henry: portrait of a serial killer, The ROCK, House of a Thousand Corpses, and the 1990 remake of Night of the Living Dead. He has agreed to discuss his career and concepts of success with us today!

HD: Let us start with Dog Day Afternoon. That must have been a crazy shoot, what was it like?

TT: To begin with I was an extra on this film, where I played a cop. The irony being the filming was in chilly October, but the story took place in summer, so coats were placed behind the cameras to keep warm until it was read to shoot! Of course lights help keep things warm also. Simply a general imperfection of life. Sidney Lumet the acclaimed director was a warmhearted approachable man who would speak and give advice to all, where I did not get a chance to actually meet Pacino. On the day Lumet died in 2011 I actually cried as this genuine man I considered a friend passed on.

HD: Otis in Henry of a serial killer opposite Michael Rooker, tell me about the character? In my opinion you made that film! How did you prepare for such a crazy role?

TT: This role took us weeks of research on Otis and Henry Lee Lucas, I actually had denture prepared by a dentist Dr. John Landman who is now retired. I wanted the nastiest most disgusting teeth I could come up with for a realistic feel of the social deviant dropout. But many weeks of research was required to make this believable.

HD: You made a ballsey move in playing in a remake to a horror classic "Night of the living dead" In 1990 you with Tony Todd, Bill Moseley, and Patricia Tallman. What did you want to bring to the film that was fresh?

TT: The difference here was it was a heroine in the form of Tallman not so much of Tony Todd being the hero. The 90's brought about a new type of hero, and said a woman could save the day not just be victims like in the original 60's classic. A totally different vibe.

HD: What was it like working with Robert Deniro in Maddog and Glory?

TT: "call me bobby" himself! There was a scene where I was supposed to really shove Deniro hard in a scene and I found I had an extremely hard time doing it. I mean he is Robert Deniro! He was 100% giving, supportive, and contained. He is fantastic in giving a fellow actor everything they need to make a scene perfect.

HD: What was the Zombie sets like?

TT: No production especially for a first time director is never easy, 20 hour days, production delays and errors, but Zombie was very efficient. He said " I have been doing rock shows all over the world, this is no different. Everyone had a fun experience, and turned out an awesome horror show.

HD: What was Bill Moseley like? He seems like he would be a bit of a madcap!

TT: As a Yale grad or Yaley he was VERY intelligent and precise with his work. When in character he is totally believable, but after the shot he is a fun guy.

HD: What happened with NYPD Blue? I think you would have kicked ass!

TT: I was in 7 of the original 12 episodes, but I felt that tv work was not really for me, in fact on my drive to L.A. I had that attitude from the start. Dennis Franz did fine.

Tom, it was a true honor, and I appreciate you talking with me this morning! Much successes to you in the future!!

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