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Alien From Area-51 (2012)
Movie Review by The Spastic Cannibal

Alien From Area-51 (2012) I've been playing ball with Chemical Burn Entertainment by trying to review at least one film out of each batch they send me and "Alien from Area-51" seemed like the most interesting out of the latest set. I soon became immersed in the WORST documentary I've ever seen concerning the proposed Roswell UFO cover-up. This one specifically spotlights the infamous Alien Autopsy footage that surfaced in the early 90's and was broadcast worldwide in '95. The focus of the documentary are Ray Santilli and Gary Shoefield, the two limey hoaxsters who perpetuated the world's eagerness to believe that a government conspiracy is surrounding an alien invasion that occured in 1947.

Santilli and Shoefield are two of the most abhorrent charlatans who have ever bolstered a mass lie. The fact that anyone ever believed that these two morons would EVER obtain secretive, authentic government property is absurd - despite them even failing to completely commit to the lie over time, as we see in this documentary. They claim that a portion of the footage had to be "carefully reconstructed" due to deteriorated film stock, while excerpts from the "genuine" footage was used in a few unspecified spots. What? I gotta say, whether you have, say, 8 seconds of alien autopsy footage or even faded STILL PHOTOGRAPHS from authentic footage of an extraterrestrial autopsy - it would be fucking amazing! Why would you need to extend and dilute supposidly "real" documentation of an unbelievable phenominon? Oh, because it's ALL FAKE! Still, a 70 minute documentary had to be made detailing one of the most obvious and uninteresting hoaxes of all time (the "footage", not the entire Roswell fiasco - though I don't buy into that, entirely).

"Alien from Area-51" is one of the most desultory documentaries I've ever seen. It's 70 minutes is padded out with needless CGI animated alien characters, UFO's, and distorted, repetitive rotoscoping. The two buffoons ramble on about their fake film, how they marketed it, and how they truely do believe that we are being prepped for an invasion. I really didn't give a shit about their prolonged opinions on aliens and especially got bored when they dedicated the last 25 mintues to showing the plodding autopsy 'footage'. Just Google "Alien Autopsy Footage" and watch it if you must. If you're interested in learning shit about Roswell and UFO related stuff, just keep and eye out for some History Channel shows or something. Avoid this.

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