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Alien vs. Predator (2004)
Movie Review by The Undertaker

Alien vs. Predator (2004) This movie kicks ass! If you have ever been a fan of either film or species, do yourself a favor and go see this; it's a damn good, entertaining movie. I honestly had no hopes or expectations for AVP; luckily it blew me away. The set design on this thing is amazing as are the FX and the creatures from both sides. Lots of fun and lots of action with a semi-plausible story kept me glued and excited. Let's see in this corner we have the Alien, the most destructive force of primal nature in the universe. Like a shark, it kills, breeds, and takes out any other species coming in contact with it to eliminate any possible threat. Acid-like blood, claws, teeth, more teeth on a hidden jaw, and extreme speed and strength make this one bad animal. In the other corner, we have perhaps the deadliest hunter in the universe in the Predator. Technologically superior to anything we know, strong, cunning, and a sense of pride and honor make this being the greatest foe to anything in the universe. Who will win? Hell, we the viewer are the winners here, by a knockout! Humanity (or some it anyways) get trapped into being the host for the universe's wildest big game hunt ever, as Predators return to earth to try and kill a few Aliens. Well, it's honestly a little more complex than that, and of course some poor idiots go where they should have stayed away from, but all be told it's like throwing a tiger in amaze for the hunter to kill, or be killed by. We find out some interesting details about the past of both human and Predator kind, see that Aliens are as wild and uncontrollable as ever, and that maybe we poor humans aren't as weak as we may seem compared to other species in the galaxy. Like it said, this thing rocks! No, it's not perfect by any means, but the good so overshadows the bad that you could care less by the end. For example, if the Predators have all this great technology and are so advanced, why can't they invent armor and netting that's resistant to the Alien blood? See what I mean, but you won't think about that kinda shit while watching it. This film only adds to the greatness of both film series and it was nice to see the Preds on screen one more time. With the money this should rake in and the fact that it actually is a good movie, I'm sure will see more of these two creatures, separately and together sometime down the road!
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