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Amusement (2009)
Movie Review by The Cryptkeeper

Amusement (2009) While being interrogated by a police psychiatrist, the near-catatonic Tabitha (Katheryn Winnick) tries to explain why she and two of her childhood friends (Laura Breckenridge and Jessica Lucas) are being hunted by a serial killer. The truth that's dying to come out weaves together three tragic secrets from their past. Keir O'Donnell and Tad Hilgenbrinck co-star as two of the girls' boyfriends who become unwitting targets in their deadly game. -netflix

After some initial problems getting this film on the big screen, Amusement finally made it's way to DVD. As always, I was excited to see a new horror flick, so I looked forward to cracking the cellophane on this one. However, the film left me a bit disappointed.

In the vain of Tales from the Crypt and Tales from the Darkside, Amusement comes at ya with an anthology of sorts involving three girls who went to elementary school together. The three girls... Shelby, Lisa and Tabitha... were classmates of a strange kid that they made fun of, who is now seeking revenge years later after escaping a mental institute. Their separate stories end up bringing them back together in a fight for their lives.

If the stories in the film seemed familiar, it is because they all seem to borrow from other horror films... from Valentine, to Saw, to Joyride, etc. From this perspective, there was nothing much original about Amusement. The acting was decent by most of the cast, and the killer, who was called "The Laugh" was pretty creepy. The writing was middle of the road, although slightly interesting. The plot holes were just too many. The gore levels were not high, so don't expect a full on blood bath.

I wanted to like Amusement, but had trouble getting into it. While it was not a great horror flick, it was, at the very least, mildly entertaining. While I don't highly recommend the film, this is one that I suggest that people see and form their own opinion. Don't expect to be amused... but maybe you will find a bit of entertainment here and there... or at least some fodder for arguing horror with your friends.

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