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Andromeda: Season one (2000)
Movie Review by The Gravedigger

Andromeda: Season one (2000) I had never watched this television series when it first aired, primarily because I knew it was a loose adaptation of Gene Roddenberry's GENESIS II and STRANGE NEW WORLD and I love those 70's TV pilots. Well, the only thing that's the same here is the character's name, Dylan Hunt, and that he's frozen in time and wakes up three hundred years later.

It's not a bad series, sort of like BUCK ROGERS meets STAR TREK. The star of the show isn't Kevin Sorbo (HERCULES) as much as it is the ship itself, the Andromeda Ascendent, the last of the Commonwealth ships. The persona is portrayed by Alexa Doig (JASON X), who is the voice of the ship and appears on the monitors and also has a cyborg body. There's also a version that will pop up as a hologram. Sometimes all three appear at once and even talk to each other, like they are separate people (it helps to think of them as triplets!). In the first episode another ship tries to salvage the Andromeda--and the members of this ship, captained by Beka Valentine (Lisa Ryder of FOREVER KNIGHT, 3rd season) become his crew. Dylan wants to restore The Commonwealth, which has been gone for three hundred years, and needs all the help he can get.

The crew is an interesting mix of characters. There's the Nietzchean, a genetically modified super human, Tyr Anasazi, is a cross between a Vulcan and a Klingon in behavior and he seems to have his own agenda most of the time. Genius engineer, Seamus Zelasny Harper, can interface directly with the ship and other computers via port in his neck. Rev Bem is a friendly Magog, these hairy bat/ape-like aliens that are usually vicious carnivores. He's the ships spiritual guide and psychiatrist. The most interesting, character, though, is Trance Gemini (Laura Bertram), this purple, pointed eared girl who has a prehensile tail. She seems flaky most of the time but also has powers and abilities she keeps to herself.

There's several time-travel related stories that I think happen too soon in the series. In one, the ship is transported back in time three hundred years to a pivotal battle and in another Dylan gets in contact with his fiance and is able to go back in time but chooses not to stay with her. In another, turns out not to be a 300 year old crew but a crew of cyborgs created by the sentient ship because she's lonely...and insane.

Andromeda's avatar falls in love with another android, (Michael Shanks). Ends with them encountering a string of worlds linked together, hollow, filled with Trillions of Magog, which are bent on taking over the universe. The season cliff-hanger is these ferocious creatures invading the ship. On one hand the Magog are great villains but they look too much like those Boogeymen from Laurel & Hardie's MARCH OF THE WOODEN SOLDIERS movie, which gets me chuckling.

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