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Arctic Predator (2010)
Movie Review by The Gravedigger

Arctic Predator (2010) A meteor from out past Saturn crashes to the arctic in 1825. Obviously it's carrying an alien or else these first two minutes of intro credits wouldn't make any sense. Two crew members on some ice locked ships talk about hypothermia when that term didn't even exist two hundred years ago. Then they see the falling rock and muse on whether it's a meteor or a comet, something else they wouldn't know about. They decide to investigate and find where it has crashed. Immediately something weird happens and an ice-creature forms--and attacks.

In the present day a guy named JC (Dean Cain of LOIS & CLARK) is leading a salvage mission to find those two lost ships which are found buried beneath 100 meters of ice. How did they get there? There is millions of dollars worth of treasure and artifacts on board. Once they dig down to the boats they discover the crews' bodies, which look like mummies. Then, some of their own crew members die and look the same way. You see, this creature was on board and escapes from its icy prison, even thought it's made of ice, too. In fact, the whole movie I kept on thinking why don't they just melt the sucker like Frosty the Snowman? It's made of ice! There's no need to have a prolonged battle with a tractor or put us through those really bad CGI effects. Just throw a bucket of hot water on it! It's an ice monster! Well, as you can guess, this movie left me a little cold.

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