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Baby Doll (2003)
Movie Review by The Gravedigger

Baby Doll (2003) The movie starts off with a reporter doing an interview with Casey Henson, who seems to be in a mental institution. Kind of like SLINGBLADE, but instead of a fat Billy Bob with an 'uh huh' accent it's Al Gore's neice (Rosemary Gore) doing an Anthony Perkins PSYCHO imitation. As she tells the story, it goes into a flashback to when she killed a man. She answered an add in the paper to meet a guy and when he showed up knocked him out and tied him to her bed. She then dresses up like a six-year-old girl, with exaggerated makeup, and speaks in an irritating baby voice.Please, I kept on saying aloud, please let her stop talking like that...Anyway, the movie then goes to a flashback within a flashback of how she was abused by her father, then taken away and adopted by a more abusive family. This is, presumably, where her killing rage-and split personality-come from. Then we see how she tortures and kills the guy tied to her bed.There's a 'twist' ending that kind of works-then it goes for that Anthony Perkins PSYCHO thing again at the very end.Technically, this 27 minute short is well-done-good camera work, lighting, sound & editing. I didn't hate it quite as much as the Undertaker did but I didn't like the story much either. The situation-an abused kid growing up to be an abuser-- has been done shown so many times in movies that it has become a cliche, especially in serial killer movies. Sure, that sort of repetition may happen in real life but I don't want to see yet another movie on the subject matter-at least give me a twist to it or something. Directed by Lance J. Reha
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