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Babylon 5: The Gathering (1993)
Movie Review by The Gravedigger

Babylon 5: The Gathering (1993) This very first BABYLON 5 movie is by far the least interesting of the entire series. This movie first introduces us to the massive Babylon space station, which holds a quarter million people. It is a halfway point for the many different alien species to meet and is a center of diplomacy and trade.

Commander Jeffrey Sinclair (Michael O'Hare) is in charge of the facility. He's a war hero who was picked by the Minbari, a species humanity was at war with a decade ago. The Minbari almost defeated mankind but stopped at the last minute, under mysterious circumstances. The female Delenn is the representative of her people and a friend with Sinclair. What she knows she ain't telling.

When there's an attempted assassination on the alien ambassador Kosh and Sinclair is a suspect. No one knows what Kosh's species looks like since they wear this all-encompassing body armor. Other species are represented by Londo Mollari, a Centauri and G'kar, a reptilitan Narn. The Narn's used to be a slave-species of the Centauri and now have their independence. The two aliens are mortal enemies, which continues through the end of the television series.

As I said, I found the television series and subsequent movies more interesting than this pilot. The biggest difference is the makeup effects of the aliens. Here, Delenn has a much more pointed chin and nose, which makes the Minbari appear more harsh and sinister. And the Narn G'kar is even more reptilian and older looking. Also, several characters who are introduced, Sinclair's second in command, and the station's doctor, don't make it into the later adventures.

If you haven't seen BABYLON 5 it's best to start directly with the first season of the series, not this, since it definitely won't "wow" you. It's more interesting watching a few seasons and then watching this prequel.

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