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Bureau of Alien Detectors (1996)
Movie Review by The Gravedigger

Bureau of Alien Detectors (1996) This animated series is along the lines of MEN IN BLACK crossed with GI JOE and X-FILES, so it's a weird mash-up of some familiar ideas. It turns out that Earth is constantly being invaded by different alien species so it's up to the Burea of Alien Detectors to deal with them. In "The Hunt", they must find an alien who was kidnapped from her cryogenic freezer. She looks like she's made of ice while the bad aliens have totem-pole stacked heads with a lot of teeth. In "Hothouse" a scientist is growing huge crops in a jungle, only there's some type of creature that devours his assistant. It turns out that some of this vegetable is alien, given as a gift by aliens. B.A.D. has eight hours to rescue any survivors after which time the area will be neutralized. Strange, starfish shaped creatures spew gunk which forms a bubble around the area, which makes this all somewhat difficult. In "Encounter", six shadow-like aliens crash land and they take over the bodies at a local sheriff's office. The team is assisted by a young boy whose Aunt was also taken over. In "Deep Freeze", bat-like aliens place a bunch of humans in suspended animation. But this has a side-effect, reversing their age. They find a red-headed human baby which has the birthmark of an agent who disappeared weeks ago, much to the dismay of female agent Casey Taylor, who is his girlfriend. In "Curse of the Tassim" ancient Egyptians gods turn out to be electrical aliens. And when they are looking for a lost agent in the Bermuda Triangle the leader of the group, Commander Packer, is stranded on an island run by aliens. It also looks like the lost agent is working with them, though it actually turns out to be the guy's evil twin. Yes, evil twin.

This is a decent cartoon with interesting enough stories at a breakneck page. It also has an odd group of characters, such as Moose Trengganu, who was abducted by aliens and has weird shape-changing abilities, and Casey Taylor, who is psychic.

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