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Cabin In The Woods, The (2011)
Movie Review by The Gravedigger

Cabin In The Woods, The (2011) Five twenty-something year old friends decide to go on a trip to a secluded cabin. They fit all the stereotypes for a slasher movie. There's "the Jock (Chris Hemsworth)," "the slut", "the brain", "the joker" and the version. In the first half hour this all plays out like a classic Friday the 13th movie, complete with the group being warned by a crazy old man that there's something bad near the cabin. What makes all this interesting is that events are being manipulated by two guys who are in some type of underground facility.

When a few members of the group go down into the basement of the cabin they uncover a bunch of weird stuff, including a device that looks like the box from the Hellraiser movies. Instead, one of the characters reads from a diary, which has a spell in

Latin within. Of course, she reads it and resurrects the redneck zombie family that's buried nearby. They have an assortment of weapons, which includes a bear trap that the zombie uses like a "Flying Guillotine". Are these zombies real or are they some type of robot, like in West World? And why are these vacationers being led to the slaughter and why is there an facility that's watching their every move and trying to manipulate their actions? This all becomes clearer in the last half hour--and the answer is not a disappointment. Cabin in the Woods is a brilliant, genre combining horror film.

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