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Children Of The Corn (1984) Blu-Ray
Movie Review by Herr Doktor

Children Of The Corn (1984) "He wants you too Malachi" - Isaac

This is the Blu-Ray 25th anniversary version of Children of the Corn, and damn for ten bucks I am impressed!! Linda Hamilton played an awesome Scream Queen, with a bit of intense inner anger that showed she eventually would play Sarah Conner. Maybe it's the whole Salisbury, Maryland thing. All of us from that area seem to have that intense inner anger, but I digress. Peter Horton of Thirty Something is a likeable enough guy, but you know Malachi, teen or not could kick his ass. Every once in a while you see that Malachi guy on TV and he has not aged!

The show opens with an after church party with old people, coffee, and that good old timey religion at the soda jerk 50's style parlor! Oh I almost forgot, a massacre led by boy Isaac, and Malachi. They could have done the good old hack and slash bit and been done but noooo, some douche bag kid puts the friendly ice cream guys hand in the deli meat slicer!! Honestly, was that necessary? I call it a cherry on top of the sundae! (Pardon the baaaad joke) Of course Isaac can't be bothered by getting his hands dirty, like most supervisors I've ever known. This badass movie of course is filled with the normal Stephen King clichés like the grumpy old mechanic and the trusty pooch, the evangelist on the AM radio. (Am Gold Baby!), and the oh I wish times were simpler theme. I guess that's why the 80's films were awesome.

The young couple makes it to the strange town that worships "he who walks behind the rows". Side note* did anyone out there read the story? Is this the devil? Some mole creature? Please enlighten my dumb ass. End note.

Malachi screams "outlander" a lot, Isaac acts like a little bitch the whole film as the demons messenger, and this cross between a survival story, village of the damned, and Deadly harvest comes together nicely. And it ends with a real boom! Let's talk Blu-Ray.

Video: 4 out of 5

Clear as hell on Judgment day! This was a low budget movie to start, with no name actors, that only served to sell more King books. This restoration is awesome! It's like standing in a cornfield in Pittsville Maryland, or Nebraska somewhere. The gore does not look like corn syrup, but real, and the overall vision of the show looks authentic. Good Job.

Audio: 4.5 out of 5

The creepy kid soundtrack comes loud and clear throughout the show. The poor bastards hand at the beginning is authentic sounding as it is sliced into pieces through bone. From an original 2.0 soundtrack, this was restored to HD grisly sound. Outstanding!

Extras: 1 out of 5

Cmon folks this is a 25th anniversary copy! Give me more than just a fucking trailer. Yawn.

I recommend this little gem at 10 bucks, but don't go crazy, unless you are a true Stephen King/80s fan.

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