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ChromeSkull: Laid To Rest 2 (2011) Blu-Ray
Movie Review by Herr Doktor

ChromeSkull: Laid To Rest 2 (2011) "He who achieves madness first...wins." - Mick Jagger

Guten Tag Fiends!

Do you like Violence? Gore? Human Evisceration? Sick fucking kills that make you stand up and say Helllll Yeeeeah!? Than this, tramps and lunatics is your film!

The action takes place pretty much after the events of Laid to Rest, with the main antagonist near death, and no face. Brian Austin Greene (90210) plays Chrome Skulls little helper, and he does a damn good job. While the main man is in physical rehab trying to heal his face, Greene is out trying to make moves on his own, which eventually comes back to bite his ass. As Chrome Skull so clearly states, "I do my own fishing". But what is a minion supposed to do? Just wait around for countless months and jerk off? I think not.

Danielle Harris in her supreme hotness is competition to Greene as she wishes to be Chrome Skull's number one. She plays this role with cold efficiency, nailing down her claim as THE modern day scream queen.

Let's face it fiends, the plot here is as thin as Oliver Twist's porridge and who really gives a damn? The kills in this film are absolutely awesome. The sets are reminiscent of Saw, the main offending weapon harkens back to the "glaive" in Krull (1983, But overall definitely worth a rent. Lower your expectations and have bloody fun!

Let's talk Blu-Ray

Video: 4/5

Pretty impressive for a direct to video release. Sharp, clear, and exacting. The killing scenes are damn realistic looking! Frankly the kill scenes are a big draw for horror films, and this film shows off its muscles in this presentation. Awesome!

Audio: 4/5

Again like the video, the sound is powerful and in your face! You actually hear flesh tear with a slick accuracy. Glass shatters with authority and screams are shrill enough to make even the deaf smile!

Overall: 4/5

Recommended. Have a good time with this film, I did.

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