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Chronicles of Riddick, The (2004)
Movie Review by The Gravedigger

Chronicles of Riddick, The (2004) This sequel to PITCH BLACK picks up five years after the events of that movie, with Riddick now being hunted by mercenaries on an ice planet. He finds out that the bounty on his head was placed from a planet called Helion. The only person he told where he was going was one of the two people he had saved. So he goes there and finds out that they want him to help fight against a planetary threat called the Necromongers. The Necromongers are led by a man who is half-dead and who has nearly supernatural powers, such as the ability to pull out the soul of a person. From each planet they conquer they acquire new recruits and replacements for their army. If the survivors of the planet refuse to join their death cult they simply destroy the planet. The only thing that puts fear in the leader are a race of people called the Furians. And guess what? Riddick turns out to be a Furian.After narrowly escaping from these soldiers Riddick is captured and taken to a prison planet called Crematoria, a planet that has extremes in temperature. This is where the young woman he had saved, 'Jack' in the first movie, is being kept prisoner. Since his five year absence she had left where he had put her and tried even harder to become a killer just like him. Now she goes by the name of Kira (actress Alexa Davalos, who was that electric girl on ANGEL). Well, they eventually escape from the planet only to have a final confrontation with the Necromongers. But how can one man defeat an army of thousands?This sequel is as good, if not better, than the first Riddick movie. The visuals are amazing, the cities and spaceships unique-it's a very different type of future world than audiences are usually presented. The story and ending of the movie is also very intriguing-and is definitely left wide open for another sequel, which actually didn't tick me off.Vin Diesel, not a bad actor, was born for this role.Directed by David Twohy (THE ARRIVAL, PITCH BLACK)
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