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Conan The Barbarian (2011)
Movie Review by The Cenobite

Conan The Barbarian (2011) Conan the barbarian a hero from my child hood that I adored. Most people remember the two eighties films that had Arnold playing the barbaric warrior. I am in the group that look fondly back on the De laurentiis produced epics, I may admit that I was young but even now they hold nostalgic memories for me. So how do you bring Conan back it worked for Rambo, Sylvester suited up once more to continue his role right. Well Lionsgate and partners did it a bit more differently, a director Marcus Nispel a man hellbent it seems to reimagine our childhoods with his films Texas chainsaw massacre, Friday The thirteenth. Conan, how about Jason Momoa anyone who has seen him play Khal Drogo in Game of thrones knows he can handle the part. A bad guy and his sorceress bad daughter, Stephen Lang from Avatar in my mind a perfect villain, Rose Mcgowan plenty of indie cred there. A heroine, Rachel Nichols a beautiful actress that doesn't scream whore to me basically believable. So with the pieces all together does it work, does it retire Arnold and bring Conan into the mainstream. The answer is yes and no, starting the film out I loved the look of the sets the armor and weapons. Marcus seems to have a dark vision in his films that I like everything is a little dirty. The actor who played a young Conan was amazing I enjoyed his parts and trials that he goes through. There is a beautiful scene where young Conan has killed four warriors and the camera shows an above shot of him in the middle dead bodies bleeding in the snow. Ron Perlman plays Conans father and to me its hard to believe that Ron Perlman could ever conceive Jason Momoa, lets face it hes ugly and Jason well he is not. There is a hokey Lord of The Rings rip off story about an all powerful mask that was split into pieces and hid with all the tribes and therein lies they story. Conan needs revenge and to stop a mad man from gaining the mask all the while saving a lady. The action in this movie I loved it was not Michael Bay fast, you could understand it, and there is plenty to go around. Another thing is the horse stunts in this movie are some of the coolest I can remember in recent times, and all the bad guys look evil and dirty. There seemed to be a real attention to detail on the swords and armor that I enjoyed a lot. The main villains double sword makes me want one asap, and the fight scene with Conan and the sand monsters is worth watching the film if you're an action fan. I will be honest and say that I enjoyed the first 45 minutes of the movie and was thinking why all the negative reviews. When the climax started towards the end of the film I felt that cg and absurdity took over, there was even a kraken in the water ala Lord of the Rings. Momoa played a perfect Conan to me, but basically all you need is to look good with your shirt off. If you are a Conan fan of the comics and Robert Howards work and even Robert Jordans Conan work you might find some things to your liking. The action and especially gore is all there the beautiful women and bad guys and special effects are too. For a Action fantasy film it is worth a watch but the Conan fan in me wanted something a little more. The climax of the film let me down and I really wanted some more of the young Conan with Perlman as a father . Marcus Nispel has made another reimagining that's just sorta ok but please Marcus do not touch Thundercats.

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