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Constantine (2005) Blu-Ray
Movie Review by Herr Doktor

Constantine (2005) Howdy Fiends!

It's your 6th favorite Doktor here with a remastered version of Constantine in HD format to talk about.

Based on DC/Vertigo Comics Hell Blazer, Keanu Reaves plays John Constantine. He is sort of a "Ghost Whisperer" who specializes in demons, who try and cross over into our plane thus breaking the neutrality of the war between heaven and hell. He is an expert exorcist, but not so much as in caring for those he saves, but trying to save his own ass. You see kiddies Constantine committed a mortal sin in suicide, but is brought back to life. In the eyes of God he is damned, so Constantine figures if he fights as a soldier for heaven so to speak, he will be redeemed. But as Constantine mentions in disinterested banality, "God is a child with an ant farm". Will Constantine and the woman he is trying to protect survive a corrupt female Gabriel? Will John survive lung cancer due to 20 years of smoking? Will the demonic forces of evil overthrow Satan, and bring forth the son Mammon? Will Keanu Reaves ever change that damned cheap black suit he wore in Johnny Mnemonic, The Matrix trilogy, etc? Find out kiddies in the CGI laden Constantine. Check out Lucifer in his perfect Hannibal Lecter impersonation. Take out the infernal Shia Lebouf or however you spell this little pricks name and you got a good flick. Seriously this guy has had his head stuck up two 80's icons asses to everyone's dismay. I will let you guess which two.

Video: 4 out of 5

Not damn bad considering the scenes in Hell are pretty realistic, and the rest are dark clubs and buildings. The tattoos on Constantine's arm are dark and clear, as well as Lucifer's neck. Bug Demon is cool, and convincing, and the HD brings out its pretty smile, as well as Gabriel's nasty burnt wings. Funny I always thought angels wings were white, well that was before Blu-Ray! An excellent value at $10.00 folks.

Audio: 4 out of 5

Lossless HD 5.1 makes the screech beetles sound like purring kittens here. Good usage of the rear channels, and nice bass. Pretty good upgrade from DVD format.

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