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Curse of the Komodo (2004)
Movie Review by The Gravedigger

Curse of the Komodo (2004) Nonsensical giant-animal on the loose movie, an in-name only sequel to KOMODO (which wasn't that great to begin with). On an island 300 miles from Hawaii, scientists are doing experiments on the local wildlife with a growth-enhancement drug. The colonial house they are in, which is surrounded by an invisible electric fence, looks like the abode of DR. MOREAU. In the opening scene a group of army guys land on the island at night, via helicopter, and are killed and eaten by the monster. Then we go to two guys who work with the scientists, who run back to their house and turn on the electric fence. This is the first time we see the giant Komodo Dragon in full, which is probably around 40 feet long. It's huge. Later, a trio of robbers lands on the island after their helicopter is forced down in a storm and they and the scientific crew must work together in order to survive. But because there's not a lot of characterization there or suspense we don't really care. For the most part the computer animated dragon looks okay, but it does look silly when it's shown running after them, particularly in a Jurassic Park inspired scene (you know, the one with the Tyrannosaurus). Also, when someone gets the monster's saliva on them, which is filled with disease, they become these sort of sore infected zombies that try to kill the other people. I suppose this is the 'curse' in the title. My biggest question during this movie is that if they're doing experiments on growth why not have other giant animals or even vegetables for that matter? It's just the Komodo. Of course, all the bad guys get killed, the good guys make it out at the last minute before the military bombs the place with napalm. And there are baby Komodo's at the end. Will the next movie be SPAWN OF THE KOMODO?
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