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Dark Waters (2004)
Movie Review by The Gravedigger

Dark Waters (2004) Lorenzo Lamas portrays Dane Quatrell, a third generation oceanographer who is also a con artist. He and his partner, this woman who looks just like Raquel Welch, are kidnapped. They are offered a proposition by a billionaire, who may also have been responsible for Dane's fathers disappearance twenty-five years before, to go down in Dane's submarine on a secret mission. Just what this mission is he won't say.Well, they make it 4,000 feet to the bottom of the ocean, where the billionaire has an oil transfer station. They find one man is dead and the other two are missing, though we know they are slain because we saw them get eaten by giant sharks in an earlier scene. And then, as fast as you can say genetically engineered shark, they are attacked by five of them. The sub is destroyed and they take refuge in the station. The only survivors are Dane, his assistant, and an undercover CIA guy who doesn't really know what's going on.They all pass out from lack of oxygen and wake up to find themselves on a secret Navy submarine, which happens to be conducting experiments on sharks-trying to make them into these controllable biological weapons. There's a lot of fighting aboard the sub, Dane finds out that his father is still alive and is the scientist on board-and after a close escape all the killer sharks are themselves killed.First of all, there's not the slightest suspension of disbelief with this story. Far too many inaccuracies-the writers should always research their material before they write the dang script. And the idea of genetically engineered sharks was already done with DEEP BLUE SEA, which did it much better.Throw in the stereotypical government conspiracy, a son reunited with his lost father, narrow escapes which have no suspense because you know all the characters will live-and to top it off some of the worst computer animation I've seen since the movie REPTILIAN.!The movie ends with Dane opening a lock box left to him by his father-and it contains the location to the fabled city of Atlantis. Now, THAT would have been the story to go with, not the lame shark one.
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