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Deadbeat (2014)
Movie Review by The Gravedigger

Deadbeat (2014) This Hulu original series stars Tyler Labine as Kevin Pacalioglu, a medium who tries, in his lame way, to help ghosts he encounters. In the first episode, "Sexorcism", he goes to a Chinese couple's home where a ghost named Daniel is in the attic, haunting them. He was killed in the war and never had sex with his girlfriend, Angie. He wants Pac to find her and, by possessing him, finally have sex with her so he's no longer a virgin. Pac agrees to help him, primarily because he himself hasn't had sex in eight years. When he does find Angie she turns out to be old-- Daniel was killed in WWII! Does he still have sex with her--yes. Later, our lackluster ghost communicator goes to a book reading by Camomile White (Cat Deeley), who turns out to be a fake. He confronts her about it--and her reaction is not very nice, to say the least.

In "Hot God Contest" Pac helps the ghost of a professional hot dog contest eater to find his donated stomach and convince the new owner to enter and win a new contest. It turns out to be an Orthodox Rabbi--and he can't eat pork hot dogs.

In "The Knockoff" Pac's drug dealer, who is also his only friend, wants him to pay off his debt for all the free drugs he's given him over the years. So he wants him to run a corner news stand he purchased. He gets approached by a street vendor, who says he has a haunted blanket. The ghost who is animating it--"Shakey Hands"--wants Pac to find a videocassette of a movie he recorded in a theater to prove that he's not shakey. But this recording also has a murder on it. Pac ends up kidnapped by the Swedish Mafia. The ghost ends up saving his life.

"The Comedium" has Pac meeting a really weird, "Slimer-like" creature, who takes potato chips from his news stand. As he has a sign out that he's a "Medium for hire" a woman hires him to see if her comedy club is being haunted by a ghost. It's being haunted by dozens of them. There's a comedium, Buddy Silver, who doesn't want to "move on" because he's afraid of joining his dead wife. And there's a ghost bachelorette party that will not move on until they see a penis. He obliges them. Later, fake psychic Camomile confronts Pac at the news stand and wants to know his tricks, not realizing that he really has the ability to communicate with the dead. She invites him over on a date--and records him saying that he's never seen a ghost. Of course, he's lying--but this could affect his business.

"Out of Body Issues" has him going to a haunted clothing store. A blonde ghost, Alice, is causing the problem because the owner never exploited her in any of the photos he took of her. He goes to the headquarters and talks to the owner, who has a phobia of fat people. This doesn't work. So Pac and his drug dealer friend end up digging up her body and doing a makeover on her. It's sort of like "Weekend at Bernies" only with a dumb blonde D level model.

Well, you get the idea. While the show isn't fall on your ass hilarious, it does have its moments. Recommended, particularly if you're a fan of Tyler Labine, who for me, will always be the "Croker" in EVIL ALIEN CONQUERORS.

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