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Dexter: Season 4 (2009)
Movie Review by The Gravedigger

Dexter: Season 4 (2009) The Fourth Season begins with a sleep deprived Dexter Morgan (Michael C. Hall) living in the suburbs with his new wife and baby boy, Harrison. He messes up being a witness in court but later makes up for it by going after the murderer who was released. On the drive home he falls asleep at the wheel and flips his van. He's not hurt very badly but he does have slight amnesia--and can't remember where he put the guy's body. Is it still in the van? Did it get thrown out during the accident? Or did he temporarily stash the pieces somewhere so he could later dump them in the ocean with all his other kills?

Special Agent Lundy (Keith Carridine), now retired from the FBI, returns to Miama on a personal project. He is after a serial killer he was never able to track down. He calls him the "The Trinity Killer" because he kills in threes. Lundy is also still interested in Dexter's sister, Debra (Jennifer Carpenter), who he had an affair with in Season Two. Yet Debra is now living with her new boyfriend, Anton and she's torn between the two men. In the meantime, they discover that the Trinity Killer is repeating identical crimes from thirty years ago. One is a woman killed in a bathtub, that looks like a suicide. The next is a woman who apparently jumped from a tall building. And the third will be an older family man bludgeoned to death. This all intrigues Dexter and he wants to find the guy as much as the police do.

While his wife and kids are out of town attending a wedding, Dexter decides to kill someone to satisfy his overdue need. This is a woman police officer who killed her husband and daughter and made it look like a robbery. While he's talking to her and right before he stabs her in the heart he's overcome with emotion that he cares about his new family. This is something new for Dexter.

Dex figures out who the Trinity Killer is but is shocked to find out that this guy, who he thought was a loner, has a seemingly perfect family in the middle of the suburbs. Dexter pretends he's someone else, Kyle Butler, and becomes friends with the guy (John Lithgow). He figures that he can learn from this killer who has managed to murder for over thirty years. Of course, Dexter finds out that there's plenty wrong with this guy and that his family is terrified of him. The Trinity Killer is a very different sort of serial killer than Dexter. And because Dexter is off his game and is conflicted about having his own family, things get very complicated and out of control. In fact, I think this has the most shocking ending of any previous finale.

DEXTER is one show that continues to get better each season.

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