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Earth: Final Conflict Season Four (2001)
Movie Review by The Gravedigger

Earth: Final Conflict Season Four (2001) Renee Palmer (Jane Heitmeyer) becomes much more of a pivotal character, along with Liam Kincaid, who is now just a normal human. Auger, the computer genius who was in seasons 1-3 gets phased out, replaced by Juliett Street, a young woman who can think in multiple dimensions. The conflict between Taolon's Da'an and offspring Zo'or escalates. Lilly, a main character of seasons 1 and 2, returns in the first episode and gives birth to a human/Jaridian hybrid, though this storyline is never really continued, which is a shame. Another major character is killed off as well.

Ronald Sandoval tries to turn on the Taolons and give up their secrets, in order to regain his humanity and be mankind's hero, but he's instead treated as a pariah, and rightly so.

This guy has done a lot of bad things during the past four seasons and the character is really one of the best television villains I've seen.

Both the Taolon's and Jaridians admit that they are dying out, the Taolons unable to reproduce and losing their energy, while the Jaridians literally explode in flame after a few decades. The Taolon's plan for mankind is that they'll go in a sort of hibernation and mankind, after a few more generations, will be able to solve their energy problem and altruistically re-awaken them. Why mankind would do this after all the things the aliens have done, I have no idea.

The season finale has the mortal enemies, the Taolons and Jaridians entering a secret chamber hidden in a volcano in Siberia, and the only way to save their species is to merge. Liam Kincaid remains behind to "see it through", while Renee and Street escape.

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