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Horror movies, reviews and more at buried.com
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Elektra (2005)
Movie Review by The Gravedigger

Elektra (2005) I enjoyed the film version of DAREDEVIL, though I could have done without the casting of Ben Affleck in the title role. And although the character of ELEKTRA was 90% different than as portrayed in the comic, I thought that the character's solo movie could only be better. It's always a bad sign when any movie starts with a long, voiced-over prologue of what it's supposed be about. The only exception I can think of are the STAR WARS movies-and they were the first to regularly do this. Anyways, this was a negative from the get-go because it's so long winded.The producers & scriptwriters (3 writers!) have made the same mistake they made with the recent PUNISHER movie, in bringing in these supporting characters that are supposed to 'shape' the main character and make them more humane. She's a ruthless assassin, for godsakes. Here, it's a father and daughter (their last name is MILLER, which I guess is an 'in-joke' about comic character creator Frank Miller) she is supposed to exterminate-and can't bring herself to do so because it reminds her of her own father and her own childhood as a 'gifted' youngster. Also, casting of Jennifer Garner doesn't quite work as she's identified & compared too much in the back of my mind with her character on the tv show ALIAS. By comparison, ELEKTRA just sucks.The characters of Stick and the organization of 'The Hand' are also brought in-and bear little resemblance to their comic book counterparts. The villains are the most interesting thing. There's the woman, Typhoid, who diseases anything she touches, Stone-a nearly indestructible giant, and Tattoo-who can make his many animal tattoos leave his body and assume form. Too bad they are dispatched way too easily.Before the movie started the theatre showed the preview for the upcoming FANTASTIC FOUR movie, which in three minutes already seems quite different than the source material (and what is it with casting Jessica Alba as Sue Storm?!?!?). Hopefully that movie will be better than this lame adaptation.
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