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Fantastic Four (2005)
Movie Review by The Gravedigger

Fantastic Four (2005) FANTASTIC FOUR is an entertaining enough movie, though not as good as the two XMEN or SPIDERMAN movies. Some aspects of their comic-book origins are slightly changed, such as Victor Von Doom being a part of their experiment in space and then physically transforming into a man made out of metal. When we first meet scientist Reed Richards and Ben Grim, they go to Von Doom to ask for money for an experiment. Working for Doom's company is Susan and Johnny Storm.After they are all exposed to the mysterious radiation at the space station their powers soon become evident-and their powers have something to do with their personalities. Richards stretches himself too thin, Sue Storm (a miscast Jessica Alba) feels like she's oftentimes invisible to Richards, Johnny is a 'hothead', et cetera.The interaction between the Human Torch and the Thing is amusing but the relationship between Reed and Sue is kind of boring and stereotypical. Von Doom is a simplistic villain-he feels like the 'Fantastic Four' have taken his limelight so he goes to destroy them. The last half-hour is the weakest part, with Ben deciding he'll stay the 'Thing' after all, even though he has huge issues with being a walking rock, and the entire way in which Doom is defeated.Believe it or not I like the previous movie incarnation of THE FANTASTIC FOUR much better because it's more fun.
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