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Force on Thunder Mountain, The (1977)
Movie Review by The Undertaker

Force on Thunder Mountain, The (1977) Wow, this movie makes for one hell of a viewing, and I ain't sure if I mean that in a good way. Ever made stew when you didn't really have much in the 'fridge and kinda had to just through together what ever you could find and hope for the best? Someone who made this movie obviously had, 'cause Mountain mixes some very strange ingredients with just as mixed results. It's kind of a kid's film, a wilderness film, a UFO movie, and a morality play all brewed to a pulp. The dialog left me speechless, so sappy I had to rewind quite a few times to make sure I'd heard it right. Thunder Mountain it seems has a rep for weird shit going down; we see this in the opening scene as two miners get pelted with rocks after a flying saucer skids by 'em. Luckily for us, a father and son are on the way to Mountain's surrounding area for a get to know each other camping trip. Frankly, I hated both of 'em from the get go! I hoped Bigfoot or a Grizzly would take the two dopes out, but I'm not lucky like that see. Anyways, after hours of funny and bad dialog and wandering around the woods, and some truly heart-felt moments of the two spending time together, the goofs get separated and the kid meets a cross between Grizzly Adams and a stoner hippie named Orm, or Ohm or some shit. He gives the kid the lowdown on Thunder Mountain, tells him he's an alien, and that he has been there over 1000 years. He has a translator that turns thoughts to deeds and teaches the goober kid how to make the shit work just in time to save his ass from a bear attack. After that, he figures the kids ready for the responsibility of the translator and to keep the secrets of Thunder Mountain. The family gets reunited and it feels so good and the shit is over and out. I still can't decide if I hated it or if it was just so bad that I had to enjoy it. It surely impressed me in some kinda way. I can swear when I was a child I saw ads for this thing and wanted to go see it. Now, as an adult, I'm scarred for havin' seen it. Amen!
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