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Fright Night 2 (2013)
Movie Review by The Gravedigger

Fright Night 2 (2013) This is not a sequel to the first remake at all. It is, in fact, another remake of the first movie. A very needless remake.

Charlie Brewster, his friend "Evil", and his ex-girlfriend Amy, are among students taking a trip to Romania. The first night Charlie sees, from his motel room window, a female vampire drink the blood of a woman in a building across the street. This vampire turns out to be his European Art History professor, Gerri Dandridge (Jaime Murray). Later, Charlie sees her jump out of a five story window with a boy-shaped bag.

Curious (and stupid), Charlie breaks into her apartment an sees old furniture, an older painting of her and a bath tub filled with blood. Someone comes in and he hides in a coffin. He sees that it's an old ugly woman with a hypnotized female victim. She kills her and drains the blood into the bathtub. Afterwards, she gets in and emerges as Dandridge. She finds Charlie spying but lets him go.

Charlie goes to see his ex-girlfriend and she has invited Gerri in her room. Charlie tells her she's a vampire and Amy thinks he's crazy. Undaunted, Charlie wants to prove this and does research on his computer. He finds a photo of the painting in Gerri's apartment and discovers that she is Countess Elisabeth Bathory.

Evil gets the idea to get the help of Peter Vincent. who is a horror reality star. His show is called Fright Night. He starts to go with the two boys ton confront Gerri but changes his mind. The vampiress attacks them on a subway, Evil attacks her and she bites him. They flee the train when it stops and run through the tunnels. They're temporarily saved when they make way into a church. They hail a cab--but she shows up, flips the vehicle over and kidnaps Amy.

Evil Ed, now a vampire, attacks Peter Vincent in a restroom--but is pushed back by the tattoo of a cross he has on his chest. Now Peter believes Charlie--and tells him there may be a way to save Amy. Gerri has her hypnotize and goes with her into this huge pool of blood. Charlie goes to her castle and fights Ed. And Charlie is bitten by vampire Amy and transforms into a vampire as well. Then, Vincent shows up.

If they ha this movie unrelated to FRIGHT NIGHT, by taking out the vague similarities and changing the characters' names, this would have been a decent enough vampire flick about Elisabeth Bathory. However, making it a truly lame remake of two superior movies makes it simply awful. I was pissed off after I watched this movie.

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