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Gargoyle Girls (1998)
Movie Review by The Gravedigger

Gargoyle Girls (1998) Joe LaPenna, probably best known for his effects work on TALES FROM THE DARKSIDE and Carl J. Sukenick's ALIEN BEASTS, makes his feature debut about two female gargoyles who are released from their supernatural imprisonment after five hundred years by a would-be magician. In gargoyle form they have horns, sloping foreheads and batlike wings and fly around New York City in computer generated form. When they transform into their human guises they are two ladies, one a blonde (Sasha Graham portrayiing the good one), the other a brunette (Sonja Ray as the evil one). The good gargoyle befriends the magician while the bad one goes her own way, killing several people in the city. There's lots of exposition between the two leads, a typical 'fish out of water' story, and finally a confrontation between the gargoyles high above the city via some cool special effects. The poor choice of the male lead, Michael D'Asaro, who is extremely irritating and nonacting,brings the film down a few dozen notches with his 'portrayal' of a sensitive goombah. There's also some of the most jarring continuity problems I can recollect seeing in a movie. For example, when Graham transforms into a gargoyle her hair is brown but when in human form she is blonde-which changes to brunette by the end of the movie. But the good points of the film outweigh its faults. The effects and title sequence are decent and ambitious for a low budget project the two female leads are great. Sasha Graham upgrades the project in portraying the very likeable Gwendolyn gargoyle and Sonja Ray is extremely good in portraying the evil Diana-she was born to play a villain if anyone ever was! All in all, a movie done halfway right.

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