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Graves, The (2010)
Movie Review by The Gravedigger

Graves, The (2010) The last thing I saw of director Brian Pulido's was a short that was basically a remake of that Zuni Fetish Doll segment from TRILOGY OF TERROR, only with a garden gnome. That didn't go over so well with me. This time he tries to combine TOURIST TRAP with TEXAS CHAINSAW.

Two sisters, Abby and Megan are traveling in Arizona, looking for the world's biggest thermometer before Megan has to go to New York City for her new job. Her sister doesn't want her to go. They don't find the thermometer but they do find another tourist place, Skull City, where an old mine used to be. They go there and encounter a guy who looks like a younger version of Gunnar Hanson (probably cast to give this move that "TEXAS CHAINSAW" vibe). He wants to kill them but Megan kills him first. They witness his spirit leave his body and then see it consumed by what look like flies. Basically, something otherworldly devoured his soul. They flee and a guy driving a truck stops for them, only it turns out he's the brother of the guy and even more crazy. Bill Moseley (DEVIL'S REJECTS) sort of sleep walks through this role since it's so typecast. There's also appearances by actors Amanda Weiss (the original NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET) and Tony Todd. The script is an amalgamation of a lot of things, with plenty of cliche'd dialogue. A lot of times it seems like the actors are kind of floundering without direction. There's also the obligatory cameo of the director's comic creation, LADY DEATH at the beginning of the film when the two sisters are in a comic store. THE GRAVES sucked. I wanted to bury the dvd after I watched it.

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