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Horror movies, reviews and more at buried.com
Horror movies, reviews and more at buried.com
Horror movies, reviews and more at buried.com
Horror movies, reviews and more at buried.com
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Horror of Snape Island, The (1972)
Movie Review by The Undertaker

Horror of Snape Island, The (1972) This kick-ass 70's rarity is probably more widely known and seen as the video version Tower of Evil. The real title is much cooler. I don't know what a snape is but I know not to go on this damn island. All visitors seem to end up being cut to ribbons. There's more to this film than at 1st meets the eye, as said island actually hides a twisted family secret protected with a vengeance by a disgusting looking axe man. First, a group of teens is found slaughter by two fishermen. One girl manages to survive, actually killing one of her would-be rescuers, as she is a raving lunatic after her experience on Snape Island. A group of archaeologists then heads to the island hoping to do some snooping around and see what's up. Well, the axe is still what's up Doc. They to soon meet the resident madman and several get butchered for their trouble. A slight twist ending reveals even more weirdness. This movie is filled with tons of creepy, foggy atmosphere and a doomy, gloomy feel. I really didn't expect anyone to live the longer this movie played on. It packed in a real good amount of nudity, one decent rough sex scene courtesy of the token slut, and some fun bloody dispatchings. Hell, when I saw that head come rolling down the lighthouse steps in the 1st 5 minutes, I knew this thing was a keeper. If you haven't seen this, be sure to search it out. It's an early 70's gem, especially for a British flick.
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