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House On The Edge Of The Park (1980)
Movie Review by The Mortician

House On The Edge Of The Park (1980) One of my fave exploitation sleazefests of all-time! Kind of a riff on LAST HOUSE ON THE LEFT, starring the main villain from that film, David A. Hess. Hess plays psycho Alex, who sets the film in motion by raping and murdering a woman (essayed by his nekkid hot wife) in her car right on the side of a busy road. The movie then nosedives into the main plot where Hess and his slightly dimwitted partner, Ricky, are invited to a "party" by some stuck-up upper class folks that seem to want to use the two as "trailer trash" amusement. The women are all bored, undersexed, and highly memorable: a shapely bald black gal, a lusty Italian hottie, and a stuck-up princess with short, manly hair (but oh what a bodacious bod when she amply displays it in the shower!). Later, virginal eighteen-year-old Cindy joins the debauchery, with more full-on nudity following. Hess and his trusty razor blade ensure that he stays in charge of the group once things go south, and there's plenty of raping, slicing, and eventually, murdering that goes down. The movie is almost a commentary on "class wars" (as in rich vs. poor), especially the way the group treats Hess and his partner: like specimens that don't deserve to exist. HOUSE is strangely erotic, even as Hess and his partner force themselves on some of the women; there's unsettling moments where the women not only seem to get off on what's going on, but they eventually turn the tables around and seduce the rapists with pleasure, sending mixed emotions to the voyeuristic viewer. It doesn't help that they all look so luscious in their transparent lingerie, teasing and flashing, and so willingly showing off their curves and snatches! The ladies are genuinely HOT in this Ruggero Deodato directed exploitation piece, and not only do most of them show off their shapely breasts, but everything else below, in pretty explicit detail! (Including Hess' real-life wife!) The ladies also love it when the guys orally get down to business between their legs, licking their thighs and going higher and higher toward that love button...something you don't see in regular movies these days! HOUSE is a borderline porn show, mixed with brutal slashings and David A. Hess commanding the screen with depraved glee. He terrorizes and brutalizes the group with epic rage until they turn the tables on him in the end. There's a couple of interesting twists at the end of the film that are cool and unexpected if you don't think about them being "logical" too long, but the threadbare story is just an excuse to showcase nudity, sex, violence, and shapely female bodies in various states of undress. So if you like tits, slits, clits, and ass, you'll love this flick! Highly recommended with mandatory repeat viewing for your voyeuristic pleasure...a sinful delight for sure!

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