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Human Centipede II, The (2011)
Movie Review by The Spastic Cannibal

Human Centipede II, The (2011) Having enjoyed the original "Human Centipede" outing and hearing of a sequel that upped the "sick" factor considerably, I was certainly game to check it out. The first movie was unquestionably "tame" and falsely hyped as an ultra-sick gore-fest, which couldn't be further from the truth. It was basically a 'thriller' with some basic horror influence and a 'controversial' concept. "The Human Centipede 2" was clearly a response to those with a similar evaluation and it really doesn't disappoint if 'centipede horror' is what you're after.

Martin is an obese, thin haired, bespectacled loser who works in a parking garage and obsessively re-watches "The Human Centipede". When people come into the garage, he either shoots them (nonfataly) or bashes them with a crowbar. He's desperate to construct his own centipede with 12 unfortunate links. There's a few other colorful characters thrown in, such as his deranged mother who wants revenge against Martin for ratting out his dad who was boning him as a baby and a heavily bearded, pervert shrink who also seems sexually attracted to the stubby retard. Eventually, he gets his centipede together and basks in his grotesque ass-to-mouth creation...

The first hour or so is pretty much people being 'collected' for the centipede, whereas the last half hour gets down to the nitty-gritty of basically non-stop gross-out gags. Lips are stapled to rectums, rectums are torn to shreds, a baby is killed straight out of the womb, knee cap ligaments are sliced, a barbed wire-wrapped dick reams a chick from behind, and geysers of projectile diarrhea flood the mouths of miserable centipede victims. Frankly, none of it is all that "disturbing" considering it's so over-the-top. Not only does this flick ramp up the gore and scat levels, Tom Six also made a commendable decision to present the film in black and white, which really adds a nice, grim bleakness that definitely separates this one from the original, in terms of mood and tone. Laurence R. Harvey plays a great obsessive psychopath and the fact that he doesn't speak at all throughout the film makes his performance memorable and effective.

Overall, those who tend to seek out the more "extreme" films won't bat an eye at this flick, though it's definitely an enjoyable, gore-filled "shock" film that is worth picking up (uncut, of course)...

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