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Horror movies, reviews and more at buried.com
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Ice Spiders (2007)
Movie Review by The Gravedigger

Ice Spiders (2007) Giant experimental spiders escape from a secret government lab that's near a Ski resort, where ski champion hopefuls are training for the Olympics. There's six of these spiders, all different looking, and they are about the size of a person. They can also withstand the cold, hence the title. It's up to the once-famous skier named Dash (Patrick Muldoon of STARSHIP TROOPERS) and the female scientist to somehow stop the carnage. A group of army guys show up, led by Thomas Calabro (who I bet is thinking about the good old days on MELROSE PLACE). Stephen J. Cannell portrays the ski resort owner - and he's not a bad actor.

However, Brett Piper's ARACHNIA (2001), which also features prehistoric spiders and an African American Heroine, is much better. It also has cool stop-motion special effects while there's yet more computer effects here. Also, the giant ice spiders are given sound effects, like in the movie EIGHT-LEGGED FREAKS, which continues to be a bad idea. Spiders don't make noise, even if they are big ones. And besides, it ends up being funny when it's not supposed to be funny.

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