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Last Zombi Hunter, The (2010)
Movie Review by The Gravedigger

Last Zombi Hunter, The (2010) Falcon, a guy with a fake handlebar mustache is beaten by a masked thug, who, after hitting him for a bit yanks off his mustache, which makes him let out a long painful scream. Then, it cuts to Troma mascot Lloyd Kaufman as a guy giving a lesson in self defense. Suddenly Falcon (Ken Mood) has a gun in his hand and kills the masked guy who spurts blood all over the place like he's a cartoon.

Then it's on to an abandoned building where two armed women encounter three armed boys. No, they're not mutants--I'm talking about guns. After they scream at each other they decide to band together for resources, it being the end of the world and all. Then, Falcon enters and shoots one of the kids. He explains that he's a cop, the law, and that he's after the Last Zombie, which he believes is in the building. He explains that the zombies were created by a criminal named Deveraux who tried to bring his dead lover back from the dead. Instead, he created zombies and brought them to the city. There's a great scene in which Falcon is chased through a forest by a horde of zombies. My favorite was the zombie riding a unicycle. I think that is a first for a zombie film.

When the flashback is over, the movie goes back to the group of survivors, just in time for another group of armed guys to appear. A few more people are shot, including one of the women. To tell you the truth I didn't think there were these many guns in the entire UK. Then, the Last Zombi finally appears and he has brought company...

For the most part I enjoyed this micro-budget movie from over the pond. Many of the people try to make up for their acting ability by sheer volume, which mostly works. Ken Mood is funny as the "hero", sort of like Bryan Brown's wimpy brother trying to act tough. And I do wish there were sub-titles since I had a hard time understanding because of the thick accents (and besides, it would probably make the movie funnier).

There's plenty of well-done gore and surprisingly good computer effects of muzzle flares and splashing blood. The lead actor even sings a zombie-themed song at the end!

Directed by Steven Noel Sibley

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