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Live Evil (2009)
Movie Review by The Gravedigger

Live Evil (2009) This vampire movie has a great intro. A scary-looking blonde woman, dressed in leather, walks into a trucker diner and offers one of the guys gawking at her a blow job in a booth while the others watch. However, she's bitten his member off--and then goes and kills the other guys. Almost immediately, however, she starts vomiting buckets of blood all over the place and is deathly sick until her boyfriend comes in and takes her away.

You see, vampires are becoming extinct because they can no longer find pure blood since the majority of humans have polluted their blood with STDs, diabetes, alcohol and drugs.

So we follow this group of four vampires in their search for nourishment. However, there is a vampire hunter (Tim Thomserson) pursuing them, who is dressed like a priest.

He drinks and smokes so the vamps won't feed on him. The priest takes on a side-kick, an African-American woman, and together they encounter all different kinds of vampires. My favorites are the ones who have these tooth-filled mouths located in their hands.

My favorite parts are when a vampire, missing an eye, plucks one out of a victim and then places it in his own eye socket, only to be sprayed by mace a few minutes later. In another scene one of the characters loses his hand, then proceeds to shove a cross in the stump and then cauterize it in an open fire. Ouch!

LIVE EVIL is an interesting vampire movie with no redeeming characters, Tim Thomerson, and plenty of gore. It also has a good sense of humor and a twist ending that will catch you by surprise.

directed by Jay Woelfel

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