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Maskhead (2009)
Movie Review by The Spastic Cannibal

Maskhead (2009) As for Toe Tag Picture's past releases, the "August Underground" series delivered on the crude, flagrant, and highly disgusting 'shock' value while their next, unrelated outing, "Redsin Tower", took a surprising turn into the supernatural realm that seemed to please most non-hardcore AU fan-boys such as myself. I was fully aware that "Maskhead" did contain graphic torture sequences and masochistic-porn related material, but as it turned out, the movie was a toned down version of "Mordum" with LESS plot...

A small SM smut business lures ambitious young "stars" to act in their bizarre films, only to shift the kinky status quo's into full-blown snuff with the help of their lumbering, gear-headed minion, Maskhead, who does all the "dirty work"... What didn't work with "Maskhead"? Everything short of the effects, which are typically great like in any Toe Tag flick. The two lesbian characters who hold these droning auditions with soon-to-be victims were infuriating! Their on-going scenes of flirtatious banter progressed the film NOT A BIT, nor were either of them attractive or offering any nudity (more on the 'nudity' topic later)! Aside from Maskhead, the most entertaining character was a gay cowboy, named The Cowboy, who likes telling stories of his brushes with the law to hot bar floozies, doing drugs, and in one scene inserts a Crisco-coated fist into a man's rectum to the elbow. This scene was odd and not at all graphic (thank god!), yet what pissed me off was the fact that it didn't supply any kind of satisfying outcome in terms of circumstantial contingency. Sexually charged, homosexual "fisting" resulting in a 'misplaced' ring could have been prime opportunity for some over-the-top gory excavation... No such thing. You watch a ten minute scene of uncomfortable, soft-core homo-eroticism with no gory, trademark Toe Tag payoff... Plus, for a movie about wacky porn, there was barely a glimpse of female nudity in the entire film!! Now THAT'S unacceptable! Were they hoping to break out into a more mainstream market by cutting back on bare breasts?! Fred Vogel, remind me to send you a nasty email!

Last, but not least - in terms of characters - Maskhead himself is a cool looking character, sporting a crazy spiked mesh of rusty head-gear and a hammer-bashing treatment around every corner. Problem is, there's not nearly enough of him. Even if there was, though, I question whether or not the movie would have turned out any better...

"Maskhead", overall, has pretty much got the 'vibe' of Toe Tag "returning to the well". After the initial trio of boundary-less 'fake snuff' films - it's quite apparent that TT's hand-held torture ship has sailed. We've seen it... now give us more stuff like "Redsin". The only thing in particular I'll give this movie props for was the end scene, involving Maskhead confronting a bound female with a nail-studded board strap-on... Need I go on? Otherwise, "Maskhead" is a very boring rehash of a very tired concept. Toe Tag has broad potential which I hope they use to make their next film a lot more "fresh"...

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