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Horror movies, reviews and more at buried.com
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Monstrosity (1987)
Movie Review by The Undertaker

Monstrosity (1987) Damn, this is an oddball, weird-ass piece of shit movie. I mean that in a good way, honestly. A bad movie that bad film fans can rejoice in. Kind of mixes Frankenstein, The Golem, and some bad acid. A gang of punks are on a rampage in the city. A dude that looks like fat Tom Byron with a mullet to die for's girlfriend is murdered by the leader of the gang. In gory detail, she's killed and her guts ripped out, Well, the police ain't doing shit, so with the help of some friends, he decides to make his very own bargain basement golem. Frankie, the golem, might be the goofiest, craziest looking monster I've ever seen. Disfigured, the brain of a child (what they could scrape together anyways), bald, except for a Carrot Top looking wig, a gorilla arm and leg (but not from the same gorilla, hahahaha!), all make Frankie a walking mess. But, he is a fun mess. More interested in Teddy bears than killing, Frankie's creators have a hard time turning him into a killing machine, for a little while that is. The monster finally does kill off the intended victims, picking up a punker chick for a girlfriend in the process. She's cool and doesn't mind Frankie's lackluster appearance. The chick teaches him everything a monster needs to know, how to kiss, fuck, and sing. He's well on his way people. But, happiness never lasts forever and Frankie gets in trouble. One of his creators gets pissed at him and kills off the druggy girlfriend. Frankie goes on a rampage killing off innocents and friends alike. In the end, he survives though and is sipping booze with some bag lady on a busstop bench. Trust me, you gotta see this Andy Milligan experience, nothing like it I've seen in a while. It's gory as hell, all budget FX, but lots of fun. Might be the weirdest love story I've ever seen. Was it a love story?
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